Amyo Jewelry Dainty Crystal Hand Chain

New designs and creative ideas are continuously being introduced in the world of fashion and jewelry designing. The reason behind this is that new trends are emerging every day and in order to keep up with the pace one needs to come up with new ideas every single second. The concept of hand chain might not be new for many but the trend of wearing it has emerged again. Many new designers are creating hand chains with rings attached to it in order to give women the best of both world in just one single piece i.e. a bracelet and rings for all fingers. Amyo Jewelry Dainty Crystal Hand chain is one such example.

The sparkling hand chain has a lot of small cubic zircons attached to it. It gives it a very modern yet timeless look and feel to it. The chain is quite slim and is suitable for every woman. You can either wear the hand chain alone or it can be paired up with matching rings. Matching rings can be used if you are planning to go for a formal outing with friends. The hand chain is made up of 14K gold and 925 pure sterling silver. The sterling silver is also covered in gold. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and nickel free thus it can be worn by people who are allergic to nickel. The product is handcrafted in New York City and it is suitable for any wrist size as it can be easily adjusted.

The product is available at Amyo Jewelry in three different colors which include silver, rose gold and gold. The price of the product is $28. The product is quite delicate and therefore it needs to be handled with immense care and attention. Avoid exposing the product to harmful chemicals and substances as it is definitely going to tarnish the luster and shimmer of the product.

Keep the product in a safe place. It should be packed when not in use as overtime the silver used to create the product can turn black. In case, the product loses its shimmer and luster then it needs to be polished by an expert in the field of jewelry making and designing. Place your orders now at Amyo Jewelry as this is definitely going to be a new trendsetter in the coming months. One accessory can actually make your hands looks beautiful.