Frequently asked questions

1. Can you set the length of the necklace?

No, you can't. 18"/45cm It's a lovely length though. Not too long or short. I'd say it sits just below the collar bones.

2. Is that real silver?

Yes it is genuine 925 sterling silver with rhodium plated

3. Why with rhodium plated?

- Rhodium is one of the most expensive metals in the world.
- Those of us who have allergies to silver and want to find alternatives white coloured metal
- High corrosion resistance = cannot be oxidized
- Gives a reflective, showy surface
- durable and long lasting

4. What if I not will be satisfied with the product?

No worry :) Our customer service is absolutely top.
just contact me and I will fix all problem as soon as possible

5. Is there a polishing cloth inside the box?

yes special for jewellery