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DEPHINI® Fine Jewellery is a brand that stands on the principle of exclusivity

Every exceptional story has a beginning. In 2017, we started DEPHINI to bring timeless design jewellery and high-quality products. Founded in Britain, our company’s exceptional stones and iconic design have been serving more than 300K customers all over the world. As a brand, we know that exquisite jewellery is a meaningful way to express love and appreciation. 

All you need is love, but little jewellery never hurt anyone 

DEPHINI's signature collection features exquisite pendants, classic stud earrings and luxurious jewellery sets. One of our famous pieces of jewellery is a mesmerizing heart-shaped necklace styled with a high-quality crystal in the middle. A heart shape is a symbol of everlasting love, compassion and genuine relationships. Our magnificent heart-shaped necklace collection is a symbol of free-spirited love and affection. If you wish to have a glance at this well-known masterpiece than go over to the British Vogue Summer and Autumn 2019 editions. 

The secret is in the detail 

DEPHINI respects your genuine crave for high-quality jewellery. For this reason, our precious jewellery is made out of 18K yellow gold and 925 sterling silver. Each piece is embellished with a rhodium plate along with genuine cubic zirconia crystals. We are proud to say that our precious jewellery doesn't contain any harmful ingredients, is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. At DEPHINI, we handle every product with extensive care and expert craftsmanship. 

DEPHINI aims to deliver the best shopping experience

We understand a shadow of doubt exists when purchasing a product online. If you are not satisfied with our product we offer a refund or an exchange 30 days since your order. Please email us about the issue and we will proceed with the refund or exchange immediately. The product must be in the original package and not used.

From one-of-a-king golden necklaces to luminous classic studs, there is a piece of jewellery for every special occasion. Celebrate everlasting feelings of love with precious DEPHINI jewellery pieces.

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