Child of Wild Pomona Shell Necklace

Deep necklines and intricate necklaces look quite elegant and classy. This is one of the reasons why chunky necklaces never run out of fashion. Many designers have increased the use of pearls and shells in their collection due to an increase in their demand. Many women wish to prefer pearl or shell jewelry with their outfits as it tends to compliment both formal and casual forms of clothing.

Child of wild Pomona shell necklace is quite stylish and trendy. It looks chic and funky if it is paired up with long dresses that are perfect for your beach look. It is the perfect jewelry piece that you can wear on any occasion as it has an 18k gold chain that is adorned with beautiful and authentic keshi pearl. The chain is at least 15 inches long and is covered up with CZ pendants and shells. The hanging shells and pendants sit perfectly on your neckline thus making it the center of attention in every party or gathering that you visit. However, as organic shells are used therefore the size of the shells might vary from pendant to pendant.

One can also order matching earrings and rings with the pendant in order to make their look complete. The cost of the necklace is $98 USD, which is quite expensive. The cost of the necklace is such due to the products that are used to create this beautiful yet exclusive piece of jewelry.

If you are unable to decide your bridal shower jewelry then this is the right thing to go for. White is a symbol of purity and innocence. It will blend in with the theme of any bridal shower.

Order your piece now before the stock runs out as everyone loves to wear pearl and shell jewelry. You can easily avail free shipping as any order above $ 50 does not require any shipping cost. No matter wherever you are in the US, add this necklace in your cart straight away. It is definitely going to be worthy of the money that you are willing to spend on yourself.

You are definitely going to be a trendsetter as pearl and shell necklace is a very rare and unique combination. The organic shells adds up to the beauty as they have their own color and aesthetic appeal as compared to the artificial ones that are literally worthless.