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Pearls Meaning, Symbolism, and Myths

In the market for some pearl jewellery? Perhaps a gift for your partner or maybe for yourself? Honestly, you can't go wrong with adding pearls to your jewellery collection. 

Pearl jewellery enjoys a rich history in myth and symbolism.  

So, what is the symbolism behind pearl jewellery? The most widely held symbolism for pearl jewellery is purity, loyalty and wisdom. They offer protection to the wearers and attract luck and wealth. The pearl's metaphysical properties include calming effects and balance to the wearer.

Other cultural myths detail the pearl's ability to keep the young safe and strengthen relationships, especially romantic. Different cultures use this gemstone to symbolise the wearer's purity, generosity, loyalty, and integrity.

pearl jewelleryPearls Symbolism: Wisdom

Pearls primarily symbolise spiritual insight and wisdom acquired through experiences. People wear pearls for protection, luck, health or fortune. The gemstone is also thought to have soothing qualities and healing properties for the mind and emotions.


Dephini White Gold Heart Pearl Necklace

Pearl Symbolism: Love & Weddings

Many cultures and traditions include wearing pearls as wedding jewellery. Hindu cultures trace its pearl lore back to discovering the first pearl. The deity Krishna unearthed the pearls from the sea and joyfully presented them to his daughter as a wedding gift. This is perhaps the first record of pearls in wedding imagery. 

However, other ancient cultures from Greece to Rome to Polynesia also associate pearl necklaces and rings with love and purity. The bride embodies purity, symbolised by the pearl. The Greeks and Romans also considered pearls the wedding gem. 

Pearl Symbolism: Purity & Femininity 

The connection between pearls and brides is also synonymous with its symbolism of purity and beauty. It is often associated with female deities and feminine spiritual meaning, energy and fertility. Pearls radiate feminine energy.

Pearls are used similarly as crystals and minerals for healing and metaphysical purposes. Their energy is feminine in nature and used for excess of Yang or masculine energy in your meridian and chakra systems.  

Pearl Symbolism: Wealth

Civilisations have documented their quests for the most refined pearl for centuries - the perfectly round and lustrous gem. Evidence for pearl cultivation dates back to approximately the 14th and 13th centuries. Thus, pearl has long been associated with wealth and riches. In ancient ages, perfect pearls' value impacted growing economic riches. 

Rose Pearl Jewellery Set 18ct
Dephini Rose Gold Pearl Jewellery Set

Pearl Properties

Real pearls, unlike other gemstones, is measured in grains. Approximately four grains of pearl is equal to a gemstone carat.

Freshwater and saltwater pearls are found in:

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Caribbean
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Scotland
  • The USA, especially the Gulf of California.

Physical Properties 

The pearl is considered a gem instead of a stone or crystal. 

They naturally occur in various colours and measure from 2.6 -4.6 on the Mohs scale of hardness measured in grains. 

There are five pearl types, but freshwater pearls are arguably the most popular due to their affordability. 

The Colours of a Natural Pearls

black pearl

The colour of the pearl depends on the shade of the outer shell of the mollusc.

  • White pearls feature heavily in traditional and elegant appeal.
  • Pink pearls, especially a rose pearl necklace or ring, have a feminine symbolism and aesthetic.
  • The black Tahitian pearls are one of the rarest on the market.
  •  Multi-coloured pearls are also sought after for their uniqueness and beauty.


Pearls | June Birthstones

Birthstones have been significant since ancient times and are rooted in Biblical times.



gold pearl stud earrings
Luxury Dephini 14k Gold Pearl Earrings 


June has three birthstones: 

  1. Moonstone
  2. Alexandrite
  3. Pearls

Pearls are the more traditional birthstone of those born in June. Moonstone also holds a long tradition, while Alexandrite is a more recently discovered gem.

The Ancient Pearl Myths and Beliefs

Ancient myths symbolise the importance these gems were to ancient civilisations. Here are some ancient myths about pearls:

  • Ancient Japanese: The Ancient Japanese believed the tales suggest pearls are the tears of mythical creatures like nymphs, mermaids, and angels.
  • Ancient Persian: The ancient Persian believed the gems were created after a storm. It is said that lightning and thunder credit the pearl's imperfections.
  • Ancient Egyptian: One of the most famous myths involves Cleopatra famously dissolving her pearl earrings and drinking them before the Roman politician Mark Antony. The feat proved she could devour an entire nation's wealth at once. Egyptians valued pearls so much that they were buried in their pearl jewellery during ancient times.
  • Ancient Rome: The Ancient Romans believed that pearls were symbols of love and were given as wedding gifts to ensure marital bliss.
  • Ancient Chinese Legend – Black pearls were symbolic during early Chinese civilisation, symbolising wisdom. Myths suggest they were People created in the head of a dragon, and a person could only win the pearls by slaying the dragon to death.
  • Ancient Polynesian myths -In Polynesian pearl lore, the legend of the god of peace and fertility showed his affection and love to Princess Boro Boro with a single perfect pearl. 
  • Christian Middle-Ages: Pearls symbolise religious purity, believing that the pearls covering the Holy Grail purified its water.

Dephini Pearl Jewellery Guide

Pearl Jewellery Set: Heart Pearl Necklace & Pearl Earrings


Our heart pearl jewellery collection is made with 925 sterling silver, 14-carat gold, and 18ct rose gold plated pearl necklaces and earrings. Our Heart necklace pearl meaning collection combines the traditional heart symbol with the pearl.

Pearl Necklace and Earring Care

Unlike other gems, pearls are expensive gemstones that deserve special care. Take the best care for your pearls and avoid applying perfume or other harsh chemicals.

Use a damp cloth or a very soft brush to wipe the surface. Avoid submerging the pearls in warm or hot water at the risk of harming the silk thread.

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