How to style a gold heart necklace

 Women never tire of heart-shaped jewellery, and what better way to wear heart-shaped jewellery than in gold. A gold heart pendant necklace brings a touch of regal and elegance easy to style to any occasion.

What's the best way to style a gold heart necklace? Depends. A gold heart necklace is versatile and classic to suit any accession or personal style. So instead, consider the occasion and look you are trying to achieve first and style accordingly. A gold heart pendant necklace is one iconic piece for any jewellery box.

Here are some styling suggestions for using a gold heart pendant necklace to spruce up any outfit.


Heart-shaped necklaces pair well with classy, relaxed looks. A simple heart necklace adds a feminine touch to casual affairs.

A quiet night in with your partner is even more touching when wearing a gift from them. 

Yellow Gold

Gold pairs well with dark or warm colours such as browns and oranges. Style with solid colours or simple patterns, but carefully consider the pattern's tone and textures. 

Classic textiles such as stripes can make your outfit more fun. However, floral or graphic patterns can clash with a gold heart necklace looking cluttered. 

Gold is a bright metal with warmer styling matching more feminine clothing. Perfect for brunch with the girls.

Rose gold

Consider a rose gold heart pendant necklace to get in touch with the Venus inside you. This metal's warm colour is complemented feminine colours and neckline cuts. It is such a vibrant metal that it naturally becomes the focal point of almost any outfit.

Textured clothing in solid colours pairs well with a rose gold necklace. You can elevate a soft pastel ribbed or ruched shirt with a rose gold heart pendant. This look emphasises the delicacy of your features and brings out a softness to your style.

White Gold

White gold accompanies pastels or neutral colours well. For example, a simple white tank top draws the eye to your neck and enhances the heart necklace.

As white gold resembles sterling silver, you could also consider styling such as a sterling silver heart necklace. Higher necklines can also work well for a more subtle look. The aim here is to keep the eye understated.

You can still wear heart-shaped necklaces for those who enjoy a more rustic look. You can pair a simple heart pendant with a leather jacket and white shirt for a timeless yet edgy look. It contrasts with a more feminine look while maintaining an air of sophistication.


Gemstones on Heart Pendants

Precious stones and crystal dazzle and sparkle against gold. Choose your gemstones that further accentuate the warmth in the yellow and rose gold varieties. Consider:

  • White crystal
  • Red crystal
  • Black crystal
  • Deep purple


Consider styling against outfits that further herald the colours of the stone. For example, complementary colours on the colour wheel include wearing a rich red scoop neck with a red stone and gold heart-shaped jewellery.



Some people may be wary of wearing a gold heart pendant to work. Women and men often dissociated the romantic symbol of affection in the workforce. However, we think it differently!

It is a power-move to wear your femininity and professionalism.

The key is subtleness and sizing. Consider a small heart pendant and avoid bright colours wearing more neutral tones. A white V-neck blouse draws the eye while maintaining simplicity and professionalism.

Alternatively, a heart necklace can add femininity to a power suit. It brings a more human element to your outfit while still commanding respect.

A heart-shaped design with a precious stone makes a statement. This helps to show your confidence and give authority within a workplace.


Elegant formal Events

Heart-shaped jewellery is perfect for special occasions. These pendants often come with a profound meaning. And when better to show off a sentimental piece than at formal events, around all your friends and family.

Festive Events

Gold heart pendent

Whether it's a Christmas function or your annual company's ball, a gold heart pendant necklace will make that outfit sparkle. Consider a gold on gold with a hint of sparkle from a clear gemstone.

Sweetheart neckline also complements the princess heart pendant necklace length giving you a fairytale finish.

Stylish events

Nothing can beat long, deep-coloured ball gowns with plunging necklines for black-tie events. You can achieve an exquisite look here by pairing this with a gold heart-shaped pendant on a longer chain.

An elegant black gown is a classic that all women need in their wardrobe, and it is stunning against gold metals and clear stones.

Formal events

formal wear

Heart necklaces are perfect as a statement piece for sit down dinners and networking events. They convey confidence without looking too flashy.

Solid colour dresses with simple necklines, such as a V-neck, gives an understated look that turns heads. Consider a black velvet off-the-shoulder dress with a low back and crystal necklace set for an exquisite look.


Embracing your feminine side

A heart necklace is not just for calm and gentle events, however. The fun shape makes it great for more adventurous events too.

Festival season

festival wear

Festivals are not complete without a statement outfit and heart-shaped jewellery.

If you can do it anywhere, though, it'll be at a festival. Here you could lean into being loud. Bring the focus to your neck by wearing a singular colour coloured crop top. Try layering your gold heart-shaped necklace with other pendant necklaces of the same metal. This will create a fun and emphatic style. 

Girl's night out

An excellent opportunity to show off a gold heart-shaped necklace is on a night out with friends. This is a great time to pull out your little black dress that gives the perfect backdrop against the shine of the gold heart pendant necklace.

Bring more colour to your night, using a single accent colour such as red or blue. For extra glamour, have it match your coloured stone within your necklace.

Date night

date night

A heart necklace can help set the tone if you're going on a date. Delicate necklaces are complementary and can make a low cut top still appear classy. Wear a scoop dress with a large pendant to make the necklace genuinely eye-catching. Avoid patterned shirts to maximise the gold chain and heart pendant effect.

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