Is gold jewellery in fashion? Always Of Course

Gold jewellery reached staple status years ago, so it doesn't always dominate in the latest trends column of magazines and socials. So, minds wander to question its reign over all other metals. Let's set the record straight.

So, is gold jewellery in fashion? Gold jewellery is never out of fashion. It is the most popular precious metal in fine jewellery, bridal and everyday style, including earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets. Gold jewellery trends follow simple, classic and refined designs with some twists to the season and trends.

There are many ways to style pure gold jewellery - worn every day or as fine jewellery. So, let's look at the latest gold jewellery trends of 2022.

We get asked a lot: What colour gold is most popular?

Yellow gold has reigned supreme over the other gold metal alloys for thousands of years. Traditionally, the yellow gold ring symbolises an expression of unity for engagement rings and wedding rings, a tradition that continues into this decade. However, outside of bridal, it dominates everyday fashion and wears.


Yellow gold jewellery trends

Gold comes in many different colours, but it is most prevalent in yellow gold. Classic gold jewellery designs include wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. The higher the pure gold content, the more yellow, durability, tensile strength, and the higher it costs.

Gold jewellery Dephini

Simplicity is key

While all jewellery trends come and go, typically, gold jewellery reflects clean lines, geometric shapes, open metalwork, and interlocking circles.

Designers' inspiration from 1980s designs cites geometric patterns and different chain link designs. 

slender chain with a simple pendant design is trendy, perfect for layering. Refined and straightforward gold pieces give the wearer more room to style more freely with layers, colour mixes and stacks - and that is where trends are indeed heading. 

Style by mixing metals

If you want various colours for your gold, consider mixing your jewellery, primarily through layering other colour metals. Yellow gold mixed with white gold, platinum and silver offer distinction and depth to any outfit. In contrast, the warmth in rose gold's copper alloy blend perfectly complements yellow gold and adds further warmth - perfect for spring and summer vibes.

When layering jewellery, mixing metal colours in your collection adds depth and considers alternating length and pieces. In necklace design, alternating necklaces of various lengths with different gold tones make an outfit.

Layer your gold pieces

Many stylists concur that the top gold jewellery trends are more about how you style your gold jewellery instead of the piece itself. The key is to layer everything — necks, wrists, fingers and ears!

Designers' inspiration from 1980s designs cites geometric patterns and different chain link designs.

Mixed metals and gems such as diamonds offer contrast and brilliance but add depth to your outfit by stacking your pieces. Layering bangles and pendants nod to the 80s and 90s that Millennials love right now.

In true 90's fashion inspiration, consider mixing hoops and stud earrings that climb the ear or ring stacks. 

Gold, Gems & Pearls Oh My

Many designers hail in their Spring 2022 jewellery trends with the pairing with precious stones, including pearls and stones. 

Popular pearl designs set in gold offer classic and refined looks with sentimental value. Early 2022 pendant designs, herald charms with pearls enclosed in gold. Shop elegant pendants to layer and stack against more delicate chains.

rose gold pearl necklace

Rose Pearl Necklace - 18ct Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Dephini

Pearls offer incredible versatility in one outfit: wear gold and pearl studs, pearl-studded hoops, and open abstract and multi-pearl designs. Many of our customers want gold jewellery versatile enough to wear for any occasion, day and night.

The other style trending is colour pops through gemstones. Millennials' jewellery trends long favoured birthstones, star signs, diamonds and gems - and it appears this new season's trends favour elegant statements that sparkle.

DEPHINI Gold Necklace 18ct Yellow Gold Heart Pendant CZ Crystals

Movement and light refraction are accentuated in the 18K pure gold Dephini collection mixes cubic zirconia, stone with similar refraction as diamonds, and pearl on stunning heart-shaped designs.

Matching "skin tone" rule no more

Pure gold accessories put many women off because your skin colour would decide your metal choice traditionally.

Cooler skin tones and paler tones with red and pink undertones suit white gold and other metals such as platinum and silver. These wearers typically have blue veins on the wrists and burn easily.

Yellow and rose gold typically pair with warmer skins tones - these wearers have green veins, olive or darker skin tones with yellow undertones. Those with warm colouring typically tan with the sun and may have paler skin.

Oversized gold styling

Simplicity does not always mean subtleness. In recent years, we see the adoption of oversized pieces in high fashion - including earrings, chunky chains or chokers; after all, the oversized design is a statement!

DEPHINI Gold Necklace 18ct Yellow Gold Heart Pendant CZ Crystals

In various styles, oversized yellow gold earrings are trending: from stud earrings to hoops, these statement pieces in yellow gold metal reign supreme with simplistic designs. Wear them with anything: dressed up or down.

Rose Gold Jewellery Trends

We love rose gold, and we hope so you do too. Rose gold adds femininity with its brilliant romantic shades. The bronze lustre gets its warmth from the addition of copper metal alloys. Rose gold popularity has risen over the last several years. 

Intricate necklace chain design 

rose gold heart necklace ripple chain

Like yellow gold, rose gold necklace trends seem to favour simple and elegant geometric patterns - that stand as a statement. Two types of trends seem to be emerging. The first is chunky chain-link necklaces and chokers; the second is the more subtle intricate designs in longer chains. Check out our beautiful ripple chain designs in rose gold with our heart pendant charms. 

Rose Gold Earrings 

rose gold stud earrings

DEPHINI Rose Heart Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Studs CZ Crystals

If you follow jewellery trends, we're sure you'll be aware of the rise of rose gold. Rose gold is a popular favourite amongst those seeking femininity and subtlety. And, not to mention - rose gold is an incredibly romantic colour. Read on to discover some of the go-to rose gold trends occurring in 2020.

Rose Gold Rings

Nothing radiates love quite like a rose gold ring with diamonds. It is perfect for those who want to stray from the traditional gold and silver wedding rings or for those who want to try mixing metals and stacking rings. Either way, rose gold is an excellent addition to any ring collection, so go for it!

Charm Necklaces

rose gold heart charm necklace and earring set

Rose Heart Jewellery Set 18ct Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Dephini

Expect to see more charms with intricate chain-link necklaces this season. Charms create beautiful focal points centring the eye - brands adopt simple classic geometric symbols such as the heart and circles. Our Sweat Heart Rose Gold Pendant stands out; the rose gold plated 925 Sterling Silver does all the talking.

White Gold Trends 

White gold is made of pure gold and white metals such as nickel, palladium, and silver. It has a rhodium plating which adds lustre to the piece. White gold is fast becoming a popular metal with a sophisticated style. 

It rose to popularity alongside rose gold. It is more popular with rosy or fair skin tones than yellow gold - if you follow old "colour style" rules.

White gold is more affordable than platinum and some silver jewellery. The rhodium plating also makes it more durable than yellow gold.

The metal complements white diamonds and other clear stones but requires replating to retain its lustre and colour. Wearers with metal allergens or sensitive skin should avoid white gold, as it may contain some nickel content. 

Gold vs Silver

What is more fashionable, gold or silver?

While gold is undoubtedly the most popular metal in fine jewellery, bridal and everyday wear, it is hard to argue that gold is more fashionable than silver. The question on which is more stylish, silver or gold jewellery, is what's suitable for the occasion, outfit and mood. 

There is no doubt that gold jewellery has made a lifetime mark on the industry, but the wearer's style is subjective and individual - at Dephini, we always try to remember that. 

How do you know your jewellery's gold purity? 

yellow gold jewellery

People correlate gold pricing with gold purity. An easy indicator of the purity of your gold piece is the hallmark. A hallmark is a unique stamp on a piece of gold jewellery (e.g. inner circle of engagement rings or inside of a pendant).

Some brands use marks to indicate the gold content or carats, and others mark the purity as a percentage. For example, 14 carats gold-filled marked as 14/20, meaning that the outer 1/20th of the piece is 14ct gold. The remaining base metal may be brass, copper or base metal. Remember: this is not a hallmark.

Also, refer to the brands' certificates that assure gold content and quality.

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