Of course you can give friends heart-shaped jewellery

Buying a sentimental jewellery gift for your best friend? You can find sentimentality in beautiful symbolic design: the heart. 

Perhaps you're having flashbacks to exchanging heart lockets on the playground. There is a lot of love in friendship, and the ancient symbol for love, the heart, represents love and adoration both romantically and friendly. 

So, can you give a friend heart-shaped jewellery? Of course, you can. Heart shaped jewellery is symbolic of love, adoration and friendship. Specifically, interlocking heart jewellery symbolises true friendship. Other friendship symbols in jewellery include the infinity symbol, the colour yellow and the stones Lapis Luzili and Topaz.

If you're looking for a gift to show a friend your affection, or are simply curious about symbols of friendship in jewellery design, continue reading to find out more. 

Friendship Symbols in Jewellery


DEPHINI Gold Necklace 18ct Yellow Gold Heart Pendant CZ Crystals

Many people wear symbolic jewellery; heart shaped pendants, heart necklaces, earrings and charm bracelets. These pieces can subtly declare great friendships or simply be a great gift for a birthday, Christmas or other special occasions.

Interlocked Hearts For Friendship 

Two interlocking hearts commonly symbolise friendship.

The curves and symmetry provide sophistication and beauty. These can be worn as a heart-shaped necklace, interlocking heart pendant, earrings, or a charm in a bracelet.

Another variation of the interlocking heart jewellery is heart-shaped necklaces split into two pieces. When friends are apart, they each have a portion of the heart. When they reunite, the hearts fit together.


 DEPHINI - Two Hearts Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Minimalist Pendant

Infinity Symbols For Friendship

The infinity symbol, also known as a lemniscate, is a mathematical symbol that has made its way into popular culture in the 21st century. In mathematics, infinity represents the concept of infinity - two interlocked curves with no beginning and no end.


Infinity Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Blue Hearts CZ Crystals

Outside of mathematics, the infinity symbol is used in expressions of never-ending love, both romantic and friendship, as symbolic of hopes and dreams for our relationships. The symbol for infinity embodies a deep and lasting connection between loved ones.

It also represents individual empowerment as the interlocking curves are eternal and, thus, unbreakable.

Friendship Gemstones

Historically, gemstones connote metaphysical qualities and deeper spiritual meaning across cultures. Several gemstones relate to friendship, including lapis lazuli and the topaz. 

Friendship Symbol: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli, long been the symbol of friendship and truth, is a deep blue gemstone. The stone originated in the modern-day area of Afghanistan over 6000 years and continues to be a popular choice in jewellery design.

The symbolic meaning behind truth and friendship is significant - the longest-lasting friendships are built on honesty. Our true friends are the ones who tell us the whole truth and stick by us in the most challenging times. The lapis lazuli stands for this and is also a beautiful gemstone to incorporate into the design. 


blue heart pendant DEPHINI Blue Heart Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Heart Pendant CZ


Friendship Symbol: Topaz

Topaz is another traditional stone of friendship that symbolises fidelity and is the birthstone for those born in November.

Natural Topaz comes in various colours with shades from colourless to brown, pink, orange, red, yellow, orange, and blue.

Topaz is also known as a healing stone that soothes, stimulates, recharges and re-motivates meridians of the body. It also promotes truth, forgiveness, joy, generosity and abundance in relationships. Therefore, it is considered the stone of love and good fortune. 


Yellow Represents Friendship

While pink, red, and white emphasise romance, lust and passion, yellow represents friendship. This is especially true in flower arrangements, expressing warm, straightforward, uncomplicated love.


yellow stone heart pendant

Yellow Heart Crystal Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Heart Necklace 

Yellow gemstone jewellery is tightly associated with the warmest of friendships and new beginnings. Significantly, the golden yellow topaz stone, a symbol of relationships and fidelity, is often revered for its brilliance.


Do's & Don'ts Buying For Best friends



  • DO consider buying good quality jewellery for someone you have known for years, especially if you want to continue this friendship for many more years. Use your knowledge of this person to help you choose the perfect piece of jewellery for her personality.
  • DO select something that incorporates their style. Their style, nit yours.
  • DO select a metal that suits their skin tone; pay attention to whether your best friend wears yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver.



  • DON'T be hasty with this choice. Take your time; shop around; ask for advice and ensure your best friend will love it.
  • DON'T pick heart-shaped things that you would like. If in doubt, pay attention to her jewellery box and collection. DON'T buy heart shaped stuff for the sake of symbolism. You don't go out and purchase heart shaped anything.
  • DON'T buy jewellery after a fight. If it's not okay for a romantic partner to gift you jewellery after a fight - it's not okay for a friend to do the same.
  • DON'T buy something so expensive she would never be able to reciprocate. A costly gift can often not come across as the kind gesture it was meant to be.


Symbolic Friendship Jewellery Inspiration




DEPHINI Rose Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings CZ Crystals

 You know your best friend best, but here are some friend-worthy jewellery gift ideas, including:

Stunning Heart Shaped Jewellery Dephini Designs


Rose Pearl Jewellery Set 18ct Gold Plated 925 Silver Heart Dephini

Dephini's stunning heart-shaped jewellery inspired collection uses 14K white, 18K gold or the most refined Italian 925 sterling silver. Our necklace designs feature CZ crystal along with the heart pendant. It is accompanied by an elegant and delicate sterling silver chain.

 We draw inspiration from one of the most iconic symbols in jewellery design. It is considered a simple expression of love, friendship and solidarity. This one symbol can express a multitude of emotions.

 Our heart necklaces, earrings and rings make the perfect gift set for your best friend's or girlfriend's birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day.

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