Plan your steps for a perfect jewellery maintenance

Heart earrings, heart necklace will give you not only charm, but also a spark of uniqueness. Jewelry also requires some care to stay beautiful and wearable for a long time. We will advise you how to take care of them so they will stay beautiful for as long as possible.


Put the jewelry in a safe place

At best, you put jewelry in a jewelry box. Ideal to be lined with soft material, with compartments. Jewelry should not touch each other, it should be in a dry and unlit place. It is enough if the jewelry is stored in a box that you bought with the jewelry. You should never put them in a coin purse, contact with another metal could damage them. If you have to store them in your wallet, place the jewelry in plastic bags.

perfect jewelry


Put away jewelry during sports and physical work

During sports, your sweat can act, which accelerates the oxidation of the jewelry surface. If you like to do gardening work, the jewelry could be scratched, it is also important to put it in a jewelry box. You need to be careful when swimming in the pool, chlorine in water is harmful. When cleaning, also consider putting away all finery.


Effect of cosmetics, cleaning products

Protect jewelry from cosmetics that are not 100% natural. These are hair sprays, perfumes, sprays, etc. The substances can affect the quality, accelerate the aging. Detergents accelerate the oxidation of the luxury jewelry surface. The higher the pure gold content, the more resistant the jewelry is to chemical influences. Gold in its purest form has 24 carats. If anyone happens to try to sell you more than 24 carats of gold, beware – it is definitely a scam. For alloys with a lower gold content, the carat number expresses the ratio of pure gold to other metals. For example, a 14 carat alloy contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts another metal.

Perfect jewellery

Use a soft cloth

Clean rhodium-plated perfect jewellery with a soft cloth. If a coating is created, it must be cleaned. Just wipe the jewel with precision by the cloth and it will look like new for a while. The cloth does not hurt the surface in any way, it can be used several times for several jewels.