Sivana Spirit Aqua Aura Quartz Mini Pendant

Many women love to wear pendants on everyday basis as it adds up to their casual look. They prefer to have pendants that are neither too big nor too small. They should be small in size and smart enough to complement their overall look. Aqua Aura Quartz mini pendant by Sivana Spirit is the best you can get as the not only the size but the design is also simple and elegant that can be worn with any type of outfit. The most intriguing feature about the pendant is that the Aqua Aura Quartz is taken out of the cool clue waters.

The stone is paired up with pure 925 sterling silver chain, which makes the blue color look more aesthetically appealing and pleasing as well. Moreover, the sterling silver chain is 24 inches long which is the required length my majority of the women who love adorning their neck with lightweight necklaces or pendants. Aqua Aura Quartz stone is considered to be a success and an abundance stone, therefore; if you are planning to give your friend a birthday gift or if it is her first day at work then this should be the first option you consider.

The Aqua Aura Quartz mini pendant is definitely going to bring success and prosperity in her life. Furthermore, the stone is also considered to relieve stress and anxiety by reducing the chances or episodes of anger. It can effectively enhance the levels of communication and the way you communicate with your loved ones or friends in a gathering. People are likely to inquire about the pendant once you enter a gathering and therefore you can definitely be a center of attention. No need to worry if you feel that people are looking at you as the pendant is spreading its charm and magic in the gathering.

The color of the aqua might vary as the jewelry designers have no control over the color of the real and natural gemstones. This is truly going to be a trendsetter in the coming few months so place your order now before the stock runs out. Sivana Spirit believes in delivering class and quality to its customers. The shipping and delivery of the product is quite fast and reliable. However, the shipping charges and the delivery cost might vary according to the location from which the order has been placed.