The Power of Esoteric Infinity Symbol

Why is infinity symbol so popular? Why do people like to decorate their rooms with infinity symbol decors and tattoo it on their bodies? Why are their infinity symbols on jewelries? What is it about the infinity symbol that attracts them?
A simple looking symbol of infinity holds behind itself some power meanings which we will talk about today. An infinity symbol is a symbol which is known to everybody but only few know the real meaning behind it.
Whether in the movies, pop culture reference or real life, an infinity symbol is always looked upon as a magical symbol of power that goes on forever and beyond. The symbol represents timelessness and boundlessness which is often simply translated into something that can last forever without ending.

The infinity symbol can also be seen as the number 8 and as anyone who knows even small bits about numerology would know the significance of the number 8 in the universe.
To understand more about the endless power of infinity symbol let us read about the history behind it.

  • Latin:
    in Latin infinity symbol is known as lemniscate. It is used as an expression in mathematical calculations. The reason why infinity symbol is called lemniscate is because lemniscus in Latin means ribbon.
    And frankly if you look at the infinity symbol it does look like a ribbon.
  • The word infinity also comes from a Latin word ‘infinitas’, which translates into limitless and endless. The symbol has no loops on the end, which represents both life and death, the forever cycle that continues with time.
  • Asian:
    in Asian countries, like China, India and Tibet the infinity symbol has always represented the eternal union of male and female, light and darkness and life and death. The Ying and Yang concept is also adapted for the symbol of infinity in these countries.
  • Egypt:
    Ancient Egypt didn’t directly use the infinity symbol. Instead they used the symbol of a snake coiled up and biting its own tail, making the shape of the number 8. The belief behind the snake eating itself is that to survive it had to do something painful to it-self.
    Death comes from the living, is what the ancient Egypt was trying to express with their earlier infinity symbol.


Infinity symbol held great importance in the history. But today it is becoming more essential because people are putting in their love and trust in this symbol and making strong bonds on it.
A lot of jewelry items are inspired by the magnificent infinity symbol and people exchange these gifts with great love and passion among each other.