Vanessa Mooney – The Python Earrings

Many new upcoming designers are generally incorporating different animals or insects in their latest collection. People are intrigued by their creativity and this is one of the reasons why majority of them actually end up purchasing at least one piece from their collection. The design can either include the face of the animal or it can have the entire animal in one single collection.

Every animal used in a piece of art is done to symbolize or signify something. Vanessa Mooney python earrings are one such example of a beautiful piece created to symbolize the renewal of life. Designers use snakes in their collection for females because it is also know to represent fertility, healing, rebirth, transformation and eternity. It is considered to have a positive context in the world of art. Designers are trying to avoid the use of geometry and shape in order to create new piece of jewelry. The gradual shift towards something new gives them the edge to experiment.

The python earrings by Vanessa Mooney are gold plated. They are attached to medium sized hoops. The mouth of the python is supposed to hand down from your ears. 14K gold plated brass has been used to create this piece of art. Ruby is used to make the eyes of the python more prominent and appealing. It also helps give a break t the color gold that is used to create the entire piece. The price of the python earring is $112. It is quite expensive as the design is quite exclusive and real gemstone like ruby is used.

The earrings are handcrafted in Los Angeles and are at least 3” long. They are definitely designed for a semi-formal outing with friends. A black dress coupled with gold plated python earrings and red lips is going to be the most breathtaking look. Place your orders now before the stock runs out. Animal or insect inspired jewelry is not to last a long time as not everyone has this craze of own a collection of the animals around them.

Limited collection gives a very limited people the chance and opportunity to grab their favorite piece. If you are located within the United States of America (USA) then you can avail free shipping. International countries can avail free shipping on all the orders that are placed above $200. Ordering your favorite piece with your best friend is the best you could do to get free shipping at your doorstep.