Are 925 sterling silver earrings the best?


Do your ears get irritated when you wear your earrings? Well, perhaps you have sensitive ears. 

Sterling silver is one of the most popular choices for earring wear, especially for sensitive ears, as it is often described as hypoallergenic jewellery. 

So, is 925 sterling silver good for earrings? Yes. Generally, 925 Sterling silver is suitable for earrings, specifically high-quality 925 sterling silver, as it does not contain nickel alloys. However, suppose you suffer from some metal allergy, such as copper. In that case, it is best to seek the guidance of a doctor before piercing or buying earrings. 

Keep reading to learn the benefits and considerations for 925 sterling silver earrings.

Is 925 sterling silver good for earrings? 

dephini sterling silver heart earrings

925 Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver (92.5%) and metal alloys (7.5%), mainly copper and other trace elements. Lower quality sterling silver contains nickel instead of copper, which can cause irritation and even severe reactions. So, always ensure that your sterling silver jewellery is nickel-free.

92.5 sterling silver is better than pure silver, as pure silver is soft and less malleable, and therefore challenging to shape into jewellery design. You will not find pure silver earring designs, so avoid earrings that claim to be - it is false. 

As for earrings, Sterling silver 925 is a highly durable metal and generally prone to tarnish, turning black or green quickly if adequately maintained and worn regularly. However, it will degrade over time or after being exposed to chemicals such as chlorine. 

Pros and cons of silver earrings 



  • Sterling silver earrings have a beautiful, natural lustre for all styles
  • It matches white gold jewellery perfectly
  • You can find sterling silver earrings in all styles
  • Sterling silver is valuable
  • High-quality sterling silver is hypoallergenic 
  • It is suitable as earrings for sensitive ears 


  • Sterling silver fakes are common & not hypoallergenic
  • Contains trace elements that may cause irritations 
  • It can tarnish over time or through chemical exposure 
  • It's soft and is prone to bending under pressure



Sterling Silver Earring Features 

Incredible versatility

In any look, silver brings elegance to fashion. You can even wear sterling silver jewellery with white gold or platinum pieces. The colours are close enough to wear interchangeably. It's easy to add sterling silver to a jewellery collection whose white gold and platinum items already exist. You can also add a sterling silver piece to a collection of other metals as they work beautifully in a metal cross. 

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Easy to maintain

All silver can oxidize rapidly in its wear compared to ordinary metals like copper and tin. Regularly wearing your earrings is beneficial in the prevention of damage and tarnishing. Even if your sterling silver jewellery dulls, it is easy to restore its original appearance. Removing varnish and cleaning jewellery is easy with silver.

Endless options

The broad range of styles and designs in sterling silver means you will find a pair (or 20) that perfectly matches your style or personal preference. Silver is a relatively soft metal, so it is easy for jewellers to mould and experiment with studs, hoops and other beautiful styles. 

One of our favourites is sterling silver heart earrings. There is always a new 925 Sterling piece to refresh your collection and thousands of options worldwide. 


Affordable fine jewellery 

Sterling silver is an affordable metal in jewellery than other metals such as gold. Its similarity in colour to white gold and titanium make them appear elegant in style. However, fake imitations of sterling silver jewellery are wildly sold.

Many disreputable jewellers will sell fake sterling silver pieces such as necklaces, rings, earrings and so on. 


What is the best silver for earrings? 

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Sterling silver 925 is one of the best silver for earrings. There are other types of silver jewellery. Some earrings are better for sensitive ears, while others, especially fake sterling silver, can cause irritations and allergic reactions.

Silver-Plated Earrings

Silver-plated earrings have minimal silver content and are far less durable. Depending on the metal at its core, it can cause an allergic reaction. It will deteriorate more quickly over its lifespan. Always remember to ask your vendors all the right questions before you purchase your 925 sterling silver jewellery to determine its quality and authenticity at the sale.

Gold-Plated Sterling Silver

Gold-plated sterling silver jewellery is an excellent and high-quality material because these earrings keep the shine and lustre longer. These types of earrings resemble the warm gold colour, unlike silver. Gold-plated jewellery made of sterling silver is trending among celebrities and fashion followers. 

Silver Jewellery and Gemstones 


sterling silver stud earrings red crystal

Cubic zirconia is an affordable diamond that is available with most sterling silver. They are available in almost every colour imaginable that are nearly always flawless. The gemstones aid in light refraction, making them seem brighter and more sparkle. Cubic zirconia is easy to clean & maintain with a polishing cloth and are hypoallergenic for sensitive ears. 

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Dephini makes fine jewellery in 925 Sterling Silver embellished with high-quality cubic zircon crystals for superior brilliance and sparkle. 

Other materials for earrings 

  • Brass (not suitable for sensitive ears)
  • Gold (14 K pure gold is best) 
  • Titanium 
  • Platinum 


Is Sterling Silver suitable for sensitive ears?

The earrings should be made by a reputable jeweller and undergo contact testing to ensure it is the best earrings for sensitive ears. To be safe, we advocate for high-quality sterling silver earrings unless your doctor has told you otherwise. 

So, does sterling silver make the best earrings? It depends on your skin's sensitivity and expectations as a jewellery piece. Finding the best metal base for your sensitive ears is personal and medical. Generally, gold, sterling silver and platinum are the best earrings for sensitive ears. However, if you have metal allergens or continue to experience irritation, seek medical advice. 


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