How to Style a Heart-Shaped Necklace: Tips and Tricks

casual heart necklace styling

Heart pendants are back on-trend as a gift or to add to your collection, so this is a question we should answer today. When you want tips on fashioning heart necklaces, there is one place you can find them - DEPHINI. We know how to style a heart-shaped jewellery and, of course, how to make it pop with any outfit.

So, let's get started! We will answer some of the most frequently asked questions and give you our top tips and tricks to stylising your heart pendant necklace.

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When should I wear a heart necklace?

The short answer. Anytime you want. The heart necklace is one of those classic pieces that can work as a subtle, elegant piece or hold an outfit together as a focal point. It all depends on the outfit.

Heart-shaped jewellery often indicates romance and affection and is usually worn for events that symbolise such sentiments: a date, an anniversary or a special romantic occasion.

However, heart-shaped jewellery, including necklaces, also hold broader significance as a symbol of love, unity and hope. It is very commonly given to family members and friends as a sign of adoration outside the romantic sense.

As such, the heart is also worn in more causal occasions and depending on the subtleness of the piece, even at professional events.

Dress it up


gold heart necklace styling


A pendant necklace is attractive and a focal point to any outfit. A heart-shaped charm on a princess necklace will look stunning with a low neck black or navy dress.

Wearing precious stones or diamonds embellished on the necklace give it a formal sense. Wear it with a sparkling outfit to add even more shine. Perfect for all formal occasions, including the theatre.

Keep it casual


casual heart necklace styling


A simple pendant necklace is a classy approach to everyday fashion where you essentially can't go wrong. Pair it with a tank top and neutral tones and textures such as jeans button-downs or even a fleece.

Make sure the colour of your clothes and the jewellery complement each other. Patterned shirts and chunk heart pendants can make the outfit look a little too much. In these cases, the rule is always to make some colour matches, even for contrast.

Strictly business wear

styling a heart necklace with business wear

Stylish pendant necklaces will add a sleek finish to a professional dress with a collared shirt & sharp blazer silhouette. In a simple office uniform, your pendant could be that extra touch that ties it all together.

One piece of advice for professional wear is to use sterling silver or gold with white stones. Most workplaces enforce a neat casual dress code, and a simple heart necklace aligns with that perfectly.

On the other hand, colourful gemstones on the heart pendant can make the outfit look too busy and casual. Keep your workwear minimalist, neat and modern by avoiding overly bright and contrasting colours.

If your workplace enforces a strict uniform or formal professional wear, then you may opt to leave your hearts at home. Some workplaces can associate the symbol with romance and affection, which is inappropriate for every workplace. If you really can't bear to leave your hearts at home, opt for delicate heart-shaped crystal stud earrings.

Large vs Small Heart Pendant


Small blue heart necklace


More oversized necklaces with chunkier heart designs work better with shorter necklines and on the end of longer chains. Turtle neck, boat-shaped and V Neck necklines look stunning with a chunky larger pendant with a longer chain. A large pendant draws the attention of your eyes to the focal point, so you want them to be strategically placed in a way to take advantage of this.

A more petite heart pendant will stand beautifully tucked against your skin, often on the end of the princess chain to draw attention to the middle of your chest. It can also look stunning against the colour of a top. For example, delicate silver heart necklaces look stunning against a navy coloured shirt or top.

The smaller hearts also look beautiful with a simple headpiece like a Halter top or collar shirt.

Match your style

Your jewellery is supposed to compliment your outfit, so while we are discussing styling options for a heart necklace, you will also consider how your particular style and clothing choices influence your jewellery choices.

Here are a few considerations:

Know your necklines

red heart pendant styling

This neckline determines how low the cut is and where the necklace rests on your chest for each person.

Some styles are specifically designed to suit pendant wear. A halter neckline, for example, accentuates your shoulders and projects confidence. A heart pendant balances the outfit drawing the eye away from the shoulders to the centre of your torso. Complete the look by lifting your hair off your shoulders and consider pairing it with oversized earrings.

As mentioned, turtlenecks and V neck pendants look great with more oversized pendants, and subtle pendant pieces will look stunning against your skin with an open collar shirt.

You may use a necklace with an adjustable chain for versatility, and the pendant is worn with a fixed extension.

More mature-look


sterling silver heart necklace styling


There is an assumption that the heart necklace is immature, mainly because the design is regularly adapted by cheap vendors and sold as child play jewellery.

Avoid cropped clothing, rompers and heart chains. Skip colours like bullet, pink and baby blue and graphic design tops. Though many women can rock these colours and style choices individually, the heart-shaped pendant makes it seem more childish rather than edgy or chic.

For a more mature look, we recommend pairing a heart necklace with mature styles and clothing options.

Consider pairing pale floral patterns with single sterling silver or rose gold heart necklace with white gemstones for a classic feminine look.

Style your metal type

What to wear with a silver heart necklace


sterling silver necklace


While the size of the pendant is crucial in determining the styling of the outfit, so too is your metal of choice. Your choice of metal is affected by two things:1) Skin Tone. 2) Outfit colour choices. Luckily, silver is one of the colours that can be worn effectively by all skin types.

Fair skin with both red and pink undertone looks stunning in silver. So too, lightly tanned, olive or Mediterranean skin, Arabic, fair African and dark African skin and South-East Asian, who are frankly blessed in the jewellery metal department.

Your outfit choices in particular colours also impact your choice of metal. Pastel colours look striking against silver. Our top five colours that go great with a sterling silver heart pendant are:

  • Light pink.
  • Light blue.
  • Light purple.
  • Light green.
  • Light yellow.


A silver heart necklace can add a touch of charm and femininity to whatever you are wearing. Additionally, delicate necklaces that accessorise your casual and most basic looks make the outfits chic and elegant. Silver heart necklaces are timeless.

What to wear with a gold heart necklace

gold heart necklace

Many fashion experts argue that fairer skin tones suit more silvery and fair metallic shades, which is also true for gold. Fairer tones will suit paler golds (9kt or 14kt gold) or white gold, with beautiful glossy styles that accentuate the skin. Also, remember metal jewellery choices are also subject to personal preference. If you love it, then wear it!

Other skin colours like lightly tanned, olive or Mediterranean skin, Arabic, fair African and dark African skin and South-East Asian all look stunning against gold. Especially darker skin tones, gold heart pendants pop and come into their own.

Five colours that go great with a silver heart pendant:

  • Deep purple
  • Emerald Green
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Red

A gold heart necklace can add a touch of charm and femininity to your look. For sophistication, consider how wearing a gold heart necklace could accentuate your clothes. We love gold!

What to wear with a rose gold heart necklace


Rose Gold Necklace Collection


Rose gold is one of those colours that look incredible in causal and formal wear. It is also a very modern metal colour synonymous with copper and industrialism.

Women with fairer skin tones, with red or pale pink undertones, should be careful when wearing rose gold as it will highlight the undertones in your skin and make you appear pinker.

Other darker or tanner skin colours look stunning against rose gold. Different skin tones from South-East Asia mainly are incredible against rose gold necklaces.

Six colours that go great with a rose gold heart pendant:

  • White and light grey
  • black,
  • beige, yellow,
  • Blues (aqua, navy, sky blue)
  • Mint green & teal
  • Deep rose


A rose gold heart necklace can add a touch of modernity and chicness to your look.

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