Caroline Gold Slide Bracelet

Just like fashion, new jewelry trends also emerge every year. One of the jewelry trends that came under the spotlight was the introduction of shell jewelry.

Caroline Gold Slide Bracelet is one such example. Shell jewelry is here to stay just like the memory that is attached to collecting shells on the shore stays with you throughout your life. The shells are made up of 18k gold and the size of the bracelet can be adjusted as it is designed specifically for everyone. The size fits all therefore, no need to worry about ordering the wrong size.

The Caroline Gold Slide Bracelet available at Shashi is for $58, as pure gold is used to make the shells that are attached to the bracelet. The bracelet is extremely light weight and can be worn on multiple occasions as it can be paired up with both casual and formal clothing. As the design is simple yet elegant and classy, therefore women can easily wear it every day.

If you are planning a surprise birthday or bridal shower for your friend who is getting married then this can be perfect gift for her. She will remember your effort and love every time she looks at the shells given to her by you. It can be a wonderful gift for your fiancé or wife as they will absolutely fall in love with it.

They can wear it to all the parties that they are planning to attend with you in the near future. Just be sure that you place your order way before in advance so that you can receive the gift before the special day arrives. Delivery and shipping might take a little long as it depends on your location and the delivery method that is being used. There are a lot of other factors included that can lead to a delay in the delivery of your product. Surprise your loved one with a Caroline Gold Slide bracelet as they are surely going to fall in love with it.

We assure you that you are not going to regret your decision of purchasing this product to make your special day even more special and memorable for your lover. Place your orders now before the stock finishes or else you might not be able to find something as special as a shell jewelry bracelet again. Collect your gold shells to create everlasting memories.