Fun Facts about the Vogue Magazine

If you know anything about the fashion world, the word ‘Vogue’ magazine shouldn’t surprise you. Vogue magazine is one of the most chic and popular fashion magazines that you can find in the world-wide market.
This number one magazine serves as a fashion hub internationally for covering new styles and trends and gives inspiration to new beauty standards for the world to read. From the latest fashion choices to the most hyped style mania of the season, everything can be found in Vogue.
Every model wants to get into the pages of vogue magazine while every photographer yearns to make it in there once in their life.

There are many more fun facts about the Vogue magazine that you can read below and share with your friends and surprise them with your knowledge about the magazine.

  • The first ever female celebrity who was pictured in Vogue magazine was none other than the Queen of Pop and iconic American singer Madonna in 1989. She was only 31 years old when the issue came out with her picture on the front page.
  • 5 male actors and celebrities have been photographed for the magazine cover and they are Kanye West, George Clooney, LeBron James, Ryan Lochte, and Richard Gere.
  • From the year 1966 to 1999 the cover girl who’s picture was published for over more than 20 times is an American model and actress named, Lauren Hutton.
  • Surprising as it may be, the first issue of Vogue had nothing to do with fashion. Instead it was about reviewing books, music and plays for the upper class. All that was changed in 1909 after the publication was bought by Montrose Nast.
  • The largest issue to be published by Vogue magazine was in September 2012. It had more than 900 pages and weighted 2kgs. Coming on number second, the next largest issue of Vogue was around 840 pages and was published also in September of 2007.
  • Not only humans have been published in the magazine. Some lucky and photogenic animals have also been part of Vogue. A total of 19 animals have been photographed with models modeling for outfits. The animals were Cheetah, an elephant, python and a gibbon.
  • More than 90% of the readers of Vogue magazine are women. But there are a of males viewers, almost 48% reading the magazine online as well.
  • The most photographic cover of Vogue magazine had a picture of a well-known Dutch-Indonesian model named Toto Koopman. She was a bisexual and became a spy in World War 2 but sadly was later captured by the Nazis in 1944.