Vogue's Guide to Latest Fashion Trends

Latest fashion trends are swimming around but you will need a perfect guide to help you with the rest of the remaining year of 2019 in choosing the right fashion tips. Although we enjoyed the beginning of this year with tailored pants and floral tops but now it’s time to say to hello to the new fall and winter fashion trends.
Vogue’s issue of this month is filled with inspiring and brilliant fashionable suggestions that you can try out in the coming season of cold. The best styles to go after are all in here waiting for you. Pick your favorite and set your own trends for others.

  • Snakeskin For Autumn Season
    Snakeskin is already making its way to Autumn is a season where everything seems darker and leaves start to change their color so finding a print and color to make us stand out in the dim crown is easier if you have an outfit with snakeskin print on it.
  • Coral it in
    Coral color never goes out of style. This soft yet stylish color suits every skin complexion, but especially people with dark skin look extra good in coral. It’s a color for any event, any time and any one. Pantone color outfits or accessories have been more in style this year so if you still don’t have any clothing in coral, go get it.
  • Puffer Jackets
    Looking for a perfect way to stay cozy in the upcoming winters but don’t want to lose your style with it? Puffer jackets are your item this season. Over-sized puffer jackets will keep you warmed up in the cold while adding the missing essence of fashion to your outfit.
  • Layer it up
    Sometimes the weather demands us to wear more than one piece of clothing. Just a turtle neck, sweater or thick jacket doesn’t helps in keeping your body from getting cold so the only option you’re left with is adding more layers. Well that’s okay because Vogue magazine gives us great styling tips on that. Wear a thermal base layer under all your sweaters and jackets. If puffer jackets aren’t your thing go for fleece jackets, which are lighter than puffer jackets but keep you warm and stylish all the same.
  • Bright Turtle Necks
    Buying over all coats with basic colors is okay if you can add a popping colored or printed turtlenecks to your wardrobe. The turtleneck will slightly be exposed from the large coat and over-sized blazer, balancing everything moderately.
  • Pay attention to the Accessories
    Instead of running after high end clothes think about the small but statement accessories to add to your outfits. A fashionable belt or a glamorous set of stockings with boots can do more than what a piece of shirt can. It all depends on how you style it.