Jewellery Crystal Colour Trends 2022

Crystal jewellery is emerging as something more than the perfect summer accessories. Over the last few years, crystal jewellery trends have transcended beyond fun summer accessories into their own fashion trend worn in bracelets, necklaces and pendants, earrings, rings and more, all year round. 

This article looks at these crystal colour trends over the last few years and how it continues to dominate our jewellery and fashion trends all year long. 


Crystal jewellery has long been coated with the spiritual side - worn as decorative signs of protection; they hold spiritual and healing properties. Each crystal and gemstone promotes different spiritual hope. 

  • Amethyst crystal is the gemstone of which it acts as natural tranquil
  • Rose Quartz is a healing stone and aids in breaking through emotional trauma and heartaches. 
  • In a rainbow of colours, Opal gemstone is long associated with love, passion, and desire
  • Clear Quartz Crystals is one the most widely-used and varied healing stones in all crystals. The master healer is recognised in the crystal world. Clear quartz gives more energy and motivation when used for visualisation. 
  • Lapis Lazuli Chrystal jewellery open minds and give enlightenment to encourage self-awareness, confidence, knowledge, peace and compassion in daily life. 
  • Cubic zirconia's (AKA "the stone of practicality") is known by gemstone practitioners for its grounding. It has metaphysical impacts to improve focus, increase clarity and release the ego

Each gemstone and crystal has its own metaphysical and spiritual impact that differs across cultures. For more information on healing, crystals consider Healing Crystals 101


Add Some Energy

All crystals can have a different energy, impacting mood, health and even luck. Different types of a crystal can contribute other sorts of energies to the ambience. 

Wearing crystal jewellery can add a wonderful mix of colour, texture and energy to your outfit. 

Crystals can be used in several ways, styling for every season. Depending on traditions, wearing crystals with these unique properties could benefit you year-round. 

Seasonal Colours Crystal 

Our clothes fashion changes with the season, so do our jewellery crystal trends. As the weather cools down, the light changes, the classic fall colours become prominent. And, as winter turns to spring, our winter blues turn bright with aquamarine, pinks and yellows. 

Coloured Crystal jewellery fashion trends are seasonal. Check out our table below for more information. 


Ideal Crystal Colours in Jewellery


Blues, clear crystals, browns and purples yellow and champagne


Greens, Pinks, Aquamarine & Champagne


Violets and purples, corals, greens, clear crystals


Dark Pinks, reds, violets, purples, browns, yellows and oranges( Honey, cinnamon, burnt orange, mandarin)


Add Some Personality

There are dozens of different ways to put the crystal in jewellery. You can choose chunky crystals for a more casual look or drop earrings with pearls and other embellishments. You have endless options to show off your own personality no matter your style. 

Crystals come in various shapes and colours, so finding a suitable method for wear is simple. The versatility and diversity of crystals mean there are infinite ways for wearing and using stones as jewellery pieces.


Add Some Texture

The texture of the crystals adds contrast and depth to your jewellery pieces. A small amount of crystal texture can give a much-needed dimension to what otherwise might just be a reserved or subtle look. 

Crystal jewellery textures can add a fun, playful element to any look.


Add Some Elegance with Pearls

Gold pearl earrings

Pearls fall into the fine jewellery category alongside diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire. Gemstones such as amethyst, opal and topaz are semi-precious stones and do not have high intrinsic value.

Pearls are synonymous with elegance and beauty. Pearls are often considered the epitome of femininity and timelessness. They have been the ultimate symbol of power, strength, and wealth from the romantic legends.

Pearl stones continue to trend in the jewellery world, especially pearl earrings.


Historically inspired 

Ancient Egyptians used bright precious stones and clear quartz in their jewellery. In Ancient Egypt, crystals were commonly used to bury the dead and in ritual services. According to some physicists, their energies helped them to discover the afterlife.

Even royalty such as Cleopatra surrounded herself with only the best gemstones that symbolised power and protection. Many crystal jewellery designs are inspired by ancient cultures and their jewellery pieces. 


Contrast for colour pops

Jewellery designers use the colour wheel as a fundamental tool to mix and curate jewels in jewellery pieces. 

On the colour wheel, complementary colours, which lie at opposite places, provide a contrast that makes for a visual impact. Often complementary colours are synonymous with iconic holiday colours — red and green for the winter holidays like Christmas. 

Picking two or three adjacent colours on the wheel and mixing them with your crystal jewellery and outfit gives you shades and tones to play within the same general colour scheme. 

In the same way, jewellers will pair contrasting crystal colours in earrings and necklace or pendant designs. 

Play with colour subtlety 

Crystal colours can also be grouped into analogous colours - colours close together on the colour wheel - blue and green shades. 

The metal you choose can also give you a subtle style. The warmth of rose gold dazzles against brown champagne and white crystal. Silver is incredibly stunning with blue and purple and radiates beauty. 


Dephini Uses High-Quality Crystals 

At Dephini, we make fine jewellery in 925 Sterling Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold embellished with high-quality cubic zircon crystals and pearls for the most dazzling impact. The cubic zirconia gemstone provides the wearer with superior brilliance and sparkle, perfect for any occasion. Our pearl collections in earrings and pendants resonate with elegance and beauty. 

Check out our colourless gemstone range and our colour gemstones designed for pure elegance featuring one or two stones.



What is the most popular crystal jewellery colour?

There is no specific colour above all that is most popular. Diamonds are a widespread favourite among gemstones and are most common in the white colour. 

Is crystal jewellery safe to wear?

Yes. Crystal jewellery is safe to wear. Many people fear lead oxide within crystals, which is, fortunately, entirely safe for wear in crystal jewellery. However, care should be taken around children and pets, as ingestion of crystals can lead to medical issues.