12 Tips Buying Gold Jewellery Online

Gold jewellery is a significant investment. It symbolizes luxury and class and is often synonymous with financial stability and remains in demand everywhere in the world. And now, the technological advancements in the jewellery industry allows online stores and retailers to sell gold jewellery at low prices competing with jewellery stores.

You can get your own piece of jewellery in gold, white gold or rose gold without moving an inch with a straightforward click.

With 12 simple tips, this article gives you buying gold jewellery tips to use for online purchases or purchasing gold jewellery in other stores.

Evaluate your Gold's Quality

Before you buy gold jewellery, it is essential you know the difference between gold filled and gold-plated jewellery and that product's quality. The main differences:

  • Gold-filled jewellery is filled with gold.
  • Gold plated is made of non-gold base metals and then dipped into molten gold to create a golden coat on the surface.

It is also essential to know that gold-filled does not mean it is pure gold. Most gold jewellery is made from a mixture of gold and metallics. Most online shoppers prefer gold alloys over gold-plated jewellery for reasons such as:

  • Gold pieces with alloy are more valuable
  • Gold alloy doesn't tarnish, fade, chip or change colour over time and are considered "lifetime" jewellery.
  • The plating is usually very thin and will wear off quickly.
  • The sale of gold-plated jewellery is loosely regulated in most countries, if not at all.

Carat is the Measure of Purity

You need to understand carats or karats and how it equates to the purity of gold when buying jewellery. The gold content purity is measured in carats. Carat or karat is derived from the word 'karob-' used as a weight in oriental trade.

Gold is measured in grams. The higher the carat is, the more valuable your gold. 24-carat gold means is 100 per cent gold.

As you go lower in carats, the pureness of gold will also decrease. For example, 18-carat gold is only 75% per cent gold. To simplify, that means 18 / 24 is gold, and the remaining 6 is alloys such as brass or other base metals. 14-carat gold is 58.5% gold representing 14/24 is gold, and the remaining 10 is alloys. 

So, if you want to buy gold which is more gold than its alloy, 24 carats and or 18-carat gold is a perfect choice. 

Know your Alloys

Pure gold is rarely practical because it is expensive and malleable. Jewellers developed a way of mixing gold and other more vital metals. The other metals also blend with the yellow to make an alloy of different colours.

Other plated gold has specific base metals; vermeil has sterling silver and is used for people allergic to nickel.

Gold-plated items are lighter, but with time a gold plating on its foundation will show. They tend to be cheaper in quality than gold-filled versions, containing more gold and alloys, making them longer-lasting.

Know your Colours: Yellow, White & Rose Gold

When buying gold, you aren't simply limited to yellow gold or golden colours—many jewellers combining pure gold with other precious metals to create different colours. For colour variations, choose between white gold and rose gold, but yellow gold is the most popular colour choice across the UK and United States.

Take Care of your Gold

If you don’t wash your jewellery correctly, you already burning your money on top. Keep your gold in the best hands.

Gold makes fine jewellery that can be passed down from generation to generation. It is durable and hard-wearing, unlikely to tarnish or break like other weak metallic jewellery. It doesn't cause any allergic reactions. 

Buying gold jewellery will never be a loss. And as the prices of gold fluctuate with time, you can easily sell your gold for good money. 

Look for Hallmarks and Certification

The price of gold is determined mainly by the purity of gold jewellery. An easy indicator of gold purity is to look for the hallmark.

A hallmark is a unique marking engraved on the inconspicuous parts of the gold jewellery (e.g. inner circle of engagement rings).

Some markings indicate the carats indicating the gold content, and others mark the purity as a percentage.

Certificates that come with the gold may also shed light on the product's quality.

Type of alloy: GF - gold-filled, GP - gold plated

Base metal or precious metal used: Pd - Palladium, Pt/Plat - Platinum, SS - stainless steel, S. Silver/Silver - Sterling Silver

For example, 14 carats Gold Filled will be marked as 14/20, meaning that the outer 1/20th of the piece is 14ct gold; the remaining majority of the product is brass or base metal. This is not a hallmark and should not be confused with precious hallmarked metal

Online Deals

Every online jeweller offers deals throughout the year, just like other jewellers. It is important to compare all offers between sites.

Identify the finer details on the deals for more accurate information to avoid falling victim to a quick target. Online store sales are best with regular sales and discounts. You can get amazing discounts by buying gold jewellery online.

Compare prices

Important advice when looking for jewellery: don't get the first thing. The cheapest way to get gold jewellery is to pay online because they don't carry the same overheads as brick and mortar stores.

It's a good idea to compare prices in a couple of jewellers because you may find the same piece of jewellery cheaper.

Avoid Chain Stores

You may only live a few blocks away from that jewellery shop, but most shops have high margins! Often online retailers and small vendors sell similar gold jewellery pieces for a more reasonable price and are reputable dealers.

Check for warranty and return policies

Online stores email you the receipt and also send you a physical receipt along with the purchase. If you're shopping for gift items, it's an excellent idea to verify the policy to return the goods and return the item, in other words. You can change that item if your customer does not like the article.

Most dealers also have return policies, and other jewellers have a warranty on any gold piece, including gold earrings and gold rings. Most online jewellery shops provide a few days to return and refund guarantee. Not all online companies offer this option, so verifying returns is essential.

Avoid Nickel-Filled Gold Jewellery

Some jewellery is alloyed or coated with nickel. Nickel can develop skin irritation, including severe irritations. It's a good idea to avoid products that have a strong metal alloy at all costs. If you're not sure, just ask your jeweller if it's nickel free.

Make it personal

Our last tip to buy gold jewellery is to make sure you buy to fit your or her style. Hence the jewellery purchase will bring much longer enjoyment.

Make sure you want the piece! And, if it is for your partner, make sure that she wears gold and not silver.

Jewellery is highly personal, so be sure to research the type of jewellery, the colour and the style.

What are red flags when buying gold jewellery online?

Some online sellers will sell Gold without engraving marks. 24k gold jewellery is unlikely to be an ideal choice. The highest pure form of gold is 23 grams but is very rare in nature. Keep a lookout for fake gold that is claiming to be higher carats. Genuine gold jewellery is not magnetic, and counterfeit gold is!

Gold is such a beautiful, valuable metal. It is an investment that will be enjoyed for life and passed on through the generations. It is a luxury that holds its value. I hope that this information will be helpful to you when you wish to make a purchase.

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