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Dephini Heart Jewellery in British Vogue

July, August, September Issues

Dephini Vogue



British Vogue, publishing since autumn 1916 ad owned US media company, Conde Nast, has featured Dephini’s jewellery collection for 2021 – And we are so excited!

British Vogue editor Edward Enninful stated, “Vogue’s power is universally acknowledged. It’s the place everybody wants to be if they want to be in the world of fashion." We couldn’t agree more – and so too, does the 85% of magazine’s readers heralding “Vogue as the Fashion Bible”. 

 In the Summer and Spring editions, expect to see Dephini Jewellery’s pendants and jewellery sets – necklace and earrings – showcasing in the magazine's pages. 

The jewellery brand is ecstatic to see their designs inside British Vogue Magazine. “The Dephini brand is about providing people play with elegant, classic heart-shaped designs with a contemporary twist. Our designs offer luxury at affordable prices, and we couldn’t be prouder of how far our company has come” Dephini team.

The UK jewellery brand pay homage to the eternal symbol of the heart in their latest collection featured in Vogue. The sterling silver pieces are designed to draw your eye with pops of colour and sparkle and are perfect for everyday wear, formal wear and bridal wear.


DEPHINI Double Heart Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery Pendant

Double heart pendant necklace



Heart Pendant Features

  • Stunning double heart, intertwined design
  • Accompanying water ripple chain 18" / 45cm.
  • Made the finest 925 Sterling Silver
  • High-quality cubic zircon crystals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free
  • Rhodium Plating corrosion and oxidation resistant

DEPHINI Red Heart Necklace & Heart Earrings Silver Set

REd Heart Necklace  & Earrings Silver Set


Perfect Gift Set

Simple sterling silver earrings and matching pendant. The dazzling red is perfect for women complimenting that elegant red or black dress in the closet. The red gemstones are synonymous with fire, passion, warmth and vitality and as a birth gemstone. Perfect as a gift for your special someone, or an occasion for your daughter or mother.


DEPHINI Emerald Green Heart Necklace

emerald green heart pendant necklace



Elegant Pendant

Made with Genuine Cubic Zirconia Green Crystal centred in heart-shaped form. We use the high-Quality cubic zircon. The Cubic Zirconia is the closest to diamond in appearance and is more affordable.

Get the object of envy at your next event with this stunning statement piece. Or, dazzle your loved ones, wife, mother, daughter, a friend with the perfect gift. 


DEPHINI™ Jewellery brand strives to meet the highest standards of quality. Our muse is the heart-shape representing love, family and friendship. We are professional online sellers of 925 sterling silver, finished with a premium rhodium plate and cubic zirconia crystals.


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