Vogue's Guide to Beauty Trends

Vogue brings us the best of beauty trends all the way London and Milan Fashion Week this month. The trends have so far made a great impact on the audience and we did our job in bringing the most loving and desirable beauty trends to you so you can set for them for yourself.
These beauty trends consists of romantic and chic hairstyles, alluring makeup techniques and outfits that brings every eye in the room to you and accessories which can take your outfit game to another level.
So get ready to indulge in these fabulous beauty trends right away.

  • Side-Swept Hair
    Remember back in the 90’s when pushing your hair on to the side, creating the perfect and straight hairline was THE fashion. Well its back! Side swept hair were a big hit in the fashion week.
    Curly hair, straight hair or wavy hair all pulled on to the side creating a beautiful hairstyle giving off French girl vibes which goes with any outfit.
  • Make statements with your hair
    A very odd but striking hair statement from the fashion week was the application of a mixture of clay and dried flowers. The brain behind this idea was of none other thanJuliend’Y. Hair slicked back with clay and hair up dos with dried flowers was an attempt to inspire people into opting for more natural and earth friendly styles.
  • Eyes that Glitter
    Glitter played a huge role in the fashion week. The eye makeup was fantastically layered with different shades of glitter. Bringing back the disco vibes from 70’s and 80’s, the stylists paid extra attention to the eyes of the models when showcasing their designs.
    Dark glitter with black eye-shadow as a base was very appealing to the audience.
  • Mesmerizing bold accessories
    Spiky, shiny and bold accessories are making their way back into the fashion trends. Styling these accessories becomes easy with simple and basic outfits because then all the volume is shifted on to the accessories without much effort.
    Remarkable earrings and notable necklaces speak for themselves.
  • Metallic Colors
    This year has truly been about how metallic can you be. From metallic range of eye shades, to lipsticks with bold greenish and bluish metallic hues and clothes of two dimensional metallic colors, we’ve seen it all.
    But the best is yet to come. Metallic colors are not for the weak and faint hearted. You can always style a solid metallic piece of clothing with something non-metallic in contrast.