What does Open Heart Jewellery Mean? Guide to Hearts

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Many iconic jewellery designers use the open heart symbol in rings, earrings, charm bracelets, especially pendant and necklace designs. An open heart pendant is beautiful and elegant and holds great significance in today's society.

So, what does an open heart pendant mean? Open heart pendants are widely associated with love and affection and symbolise religious faith, fertility, empathy, luck and connection beyond the romantic sense. For many women, the open heart symbol does not hold any deep significance – but instead simply enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of the open heart piece.

In this piece, we will look deeper into open heart pendant jewellery – the meaning and symbolism. Why do people buy open heart jewellery? Who would want to purchase open hearts as a piece of jewellery? What is the history of open hearts in jewellery?

Open Heart Jewellery Meaning & Symbolism


Open Heart Pendant


For many, the open heart is a symbol commonly linked to love and affection, in the same way as a closed heart. However, you can associate the character with deeper meaning, and it is especially true when you consider the phrase "open your hearts."

The term "open your heart" is used figuratively to prepare yourself to accept love or feel empathy. It is a phrase often used in religious and spiritual rituals and gatherings and a phrase used for giving alms or charity. The expression is also tied to self-love and kindness. This is one example of how open hearts can be interpreted, but there are many more. Consider the following meanings:


Open Heart jewellery is most often associated with love, passion and adoration. For many, open heart necklaces signify opening the pendant receiver's heart, meaning they receive the giver's love and affection. Thus, open heart pendants and other open heart-shaped jewellery are popular gifts between lovers.

Open hearts can express love in the romantic sense, and the love shared between two individuals or another person, whether it be the love between mother and child, best friends or siblings that are forever and eternity. It can help express any powerful emotion and can also represent inner love.

Longing and Connection

Some believe that two open hearts represent a symbolic feeling of hearts linked for a person in an otherwise distanced relationship, meaning the love you have for someone who is miles away from you. Double hearts also symbolise a strong connection between those two people, and both partners wear matching open heart jewellery to express love and relationship.


Other meanings associated with the open heart necklace include empathy between two hearts. This can symbolise the emotions, events or experiences shared between two people.

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For much open heart jewellery, especially open heart necklace chain is a powerful talisman or lucky charm that protects against negative energy and bad luck. It is often associated with the claim "love trumps everything" and can help women move through the rough times in their lives.

Additionally, the symbol extends to hope, and it is not uncommon to see a custom-designed open heart pendant for luck.

Religious & Spiritual Meanings

As mentioned, religious and spiritual qualities are associated with an open heart. It is often an expression used in the Roman Catholic Church connoting God's love. Other spiritual leaders and guides use the expression and symbol to refer to self-love and self-discovery in healing and spiritual rituals.

Fertility and Womanhood

Other spiritual interpretations across the world connect the open heart to fertility, womanhood and feelings. Open hearts symbolise a clear heart or sacred sign associated with fertility and extend the meaning to motherhood's purity.

With or without gems?

red crystal heart jewellery

Open heart jewellery is further enhanced by subtle embellishments, glittery diamonds, or gems. Crystals and gemstones can add additional layers of meaning, and open heart jewellery with birthstones are ideal gifts for birthdays.


History of Heart Jewellery


Elegant Heart Set Necklace Heart Earrings 925 Silver Jewellery Dephini



Heart jewellery dates to ancient societies gain popularity in the Middle Ages, and continue to be a timeless classic in current times. The heart appeared in gold or silver jewellery pieces in the Middle Ages, especially in pendants and diamonds.

Most of them were worn by aristocrats and especially by people in higher-income families. It becomes common to gift women with hearts for valentine events, and then eventually, the gifting of heart jewellery became a sign of the desire for that woman.

The heart design has additionally been seen in early Twentieth Century royal families' royal emblems. In the twentieth century, King Edward VIII bought Ms Wallis Simpson a Cartier Heart Charm inscribed necklace. That particular heart jewellery represented an idea that love was more important than duty. The King eventually abdicated for love and immortalised the story of the Cartier Heart Charm.

Some other examples of known heart jewellery throughout history include:

  • North Africa is believed to be the birthplace of heart symbol jewellery.
  • Ancient Egyptians - family members wore heart-shaped amulets meaning respect for other deceased family members. There is even evidence of mummified or buried bodies wearing these amulets.
  • Ancient Rome – heart pendants were worn by both men and women and were often made by a wife or families' jeweller.
  • Middle Ages - Heart Jewellery was popular amongst the aristocracy, with the first documented use in silver and gold jewellery pieces.


Open Heart Shaped Jewellery in Fashion

Many women are intrigued by its present status as a chic item. Others simply relish the aesthetic and the craftsmanship of open-heart designs. Others like the status of the design as fashionable.

So, how is it different? Unlike the full-bodied heart pattern that focuses on heart shape lines, open hearts in pendant form is not bound shape.

Who should I gift open heart jewellery to?

The openness of the heart symbol is not limited to one type of love. It can make an ideal gift for a loved one.

  • lover
  • partner
  • friends
  • mother
  • sister
  • daughter
  • son


Dephini Heart Necklace Designs 

Sterling Silver 

sterling silver heart necklace


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Rose Gold


rose gold necklaces dephini


Dephini's Rose Gold, also known as pink gold or red gold, is a beautiful and luxurious metal material. A rose gold heart necklace is among the most precious and elegant gifts to express your love and admiration for a loved one. The stunning heart necklace can complement almost every style from casual to formal wear, ideal for versatility. 

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