Double Heart Necklace: Meaning & Symbolism

double heart necklace


Jewellers play with the heart's symbolic image that denotes affection and romantic adoration in jewellery design, creating exquisite designs. One design choice of particular significance is the double heart or intertwined hearts, primarily found in a pendant necklace. A single heart symbolises unconditional love, while the double heart conveys the same meaning and more.

So, what's the symbolism of a double heart necklace? The double heart or intertwined hearts symbolise romantic love in complete unity. A heart intertwined with another not only represents romantic adoration lasting between a couple; it indicates that a person's heart belongs to someone else, extending to a mother, father, child, sibling or friend.

Continue reading to find out more about the true meaning behind the double hearts, and learn how intertwined hearts jewellery is more than a fashion statement.

What do Intertwined Hearts Mean?

double heart necklace


Intertwined hearts often denotes affection and romantic joining of people together as a symbol of togetherness and complete unity. Double heart jewellery and heart lockets are top choices for engagement, anniversary and Valentine's Day gifts between couples.

However, the meaning of intertwined hearts exists outside the romantic sense of the symbol. People wear double heart jewellery to also symbolise unity and connectedness to other loved ones in their lives.

A mother of two children might wear a necklace with more than one heart to represent the affection toward each child.

A daughter might wear multiple intertwined hearts symbolising the love for both parents.

Best friends might share matching double heart pendants to represent their continued friendship, also known as friends forever. Either way, the double heart symbol reflects the idea of complete unity between people forever.

Design choices often feature one larger heart inside a smaller heart to act as a focal point. One heart intertwined has the same meaning as joined circles and the infinity symbol, also prevalent in jewellery design.

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Other Heart Symbol Meaning

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Heart Jewelry grew popular in the early Middle Ages amongst wealthy Anglo aristocrats, and gold and silver jewellery heavily featured single and double hearts in the designs.

Its popularity also grew amongst royals and nobles, soon become synonymous with the British Royal family. Heart jewellery has also created a scandal in the royal family. King Edward VIII publicly gave a Cartier heart charm to Wallis Simpson as a sign of their devoted love. The King later abdicated to marry the American soon after.

  • The Sacred Heart: A heart symbol also holds sacredness. It has been adopted in certain beliefs, cultures and religions, including the Roman Catholic Church and Hinduism.
  • Femininity: A heart symbol is, without a doubt, a feminine symbol. So obviously, it can also simply represent the value and essence of womanhood. Female friendships, compassion and love, is showcased in a heart symbol.
  • Life: The heart directly references the human heart and thus the core of life, spirit, and emotions.

For jewellers, the different heart necklaces also denote their own meaning. The heart-shaped padlocks, the open heart necklace and crystal birthstones all have other meanings behind them.

Buy Dephini's Double Heart Pendant

Double Heart Necklace – 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Dephini double heart necklace

Necklace Features

The Dephini double heart necklace is made from pure 925 sterling silver, adorned with delicate and beautiful cubic zircon crystals.

925 Sterling Silver Double Heart Necklace Features:

  • Stunning intertwined double heart design
  • Intricate water ripple chain 18" / 45cm
  • Luxury cubic zircon crystals encrusted
  • Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free 
  • Rhodium plating
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistant 


All our necklaces go through rigorous hypoallergenic contact testing. The necklace is rhodium-plated, which gives it the strength and ability to withstand any damage and corrosion. It also leads to an increase in the durability of the product.

Our Heart-Shaped Design

The design is modern and contemporary, and it will never come out of fashion. Heart symbol in jewellery is the most popular jewellery piece for loved ones across the world. The heart is a symbol of love, purity, friendship, solidarity and affection.

As a very symbolic image, it is no surprise that it is popular for occasions like weddings, Valentine's days, engagements, or proposals.

The heart is considered the most celebrated design in the jewellery industry, so why stop at more than one heart?

Styling Tips

You will be the most elegant trend-setting at any event in our beautiful pendant.

  • For formal wear, pair with an elegant sweeping dress with a plunging neckline, heels and simple studs.
  • The sterling silver pendant looks chic in daytime casual wear in jeans, boots, and a deep neckline sweater.

Heart jewellery is timeless, which is why it will be one of the first options that anyone thinks of when it comes to wearing jewellery.

As the UK designed jewellery product, we emphasise simplicity and elegance. It draws the eyes' attention at any party or event and compliments sophisticated and soft styling choices.


dephini double heart necklace features


The secret of Dephini Jewellery lies in the amount of effort and thought that goes into the intricate detail and design of every piece. It also helps people remember all the beautiful memories that they shared with their loved ones.