Can you wear white gold and silver together? | Styling Tips

Good news! We are here to tell you that mixing jewellery metals is no longer a style no-no! You may find some jewellers that stick to the styling rules of old, but most embrace the idea that people can wear silver, gold or mix: it's your choice. But let's clear up some questions we regularly ask about mixing metals, especially white metals.

So, can you wear white gold and silver jewellery together? Of course. Be aware that sterling and white gold don't look the same, so you can't style to match. But combining the metals creates a beautiful and harmonious mix of modern jewellery styles.

If you're looking for insight into how to mix silver pieces with white gold pieces, Dephini can help. Continue reading to find out how to style white gold and silver and whether stacking and layering the two can cause damage. 

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White Gold and Sterling Silver jewellery

There is a clear difference between sterling silver and white gold - appearance, durability, affordability, longevity, metal alloys and maintenance & care.

Here's what you need to know:

What is white gold? 

White gold is a gold alloy - a mixture of pure yellow gold and other metals, hardening the metal and giving it its white colour appearance. Generally, white gold is mixed with silver or palladium, but older silver pieces may contain nickel. Always ask about the alloy metal, especially for allergen sufferers.

White and yellow gold's purity is measured in carats. For example, an 18 carats white gold ring comprises 75% pure gold and 25% other metals. It has a brilliant white appearance with soft yellow undertones. It is usually coated in rhodium plating, which gives the jewellery brilliance and shines while making it more durable.

The metal is trendy in engagement ring designs, necklaces and pendant designs.

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What is silver? 

Silver is a shiny, sophisticated metal valued for its beauty in coins, high-quality pieces and jewellery for centuries. 

Pure silver is a softer metal, so it is not commonly used in jewellery design. Sterling silver is alloyed with copper. Sterling silver is stamped with "925" on the metal, which means that it contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. 

Silver jewellery is trendy in silver ring design (less so in engagement ring design), necklace and pendant design, earring design and bracelet design - it is also often paired with precious stones and crystals.

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White gold is desirable for everyday pieces, like engagement rings and bracelets, because of its long-standing durability and resistance. It is both corrosion and impact resistant. However, be aware that the durability of white gold is linked to its purity (i.e., carats). Read more about which type of jewellery types suits which carat levels.

Silver and sterling silver is considered soft metals which are less scratch-resistant. Rhodium plating provides added strength and protection for the piece, but it will wear off. It can change shape slightly with everyday wear and tarnish, but it will never rust.


Silver is one of the most affordable metals in jewellery, desirable for costume jewellery. However, high-quality sterling silver is sophisticated and visually appealing.

The extra durability afforded to white gold increases the price compared to silver, but the metal costs less than platinum.

For this reason, white gold engagement rings are trendy, but other silvery jewellery like necklaces and bracelets are more prevalent in silver.

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Maintenance & care 

All good quality jewellery requires maintenance and care, as do the two metals: silver and gold.

The white gold piece will require recoating of rhodium plating by your jeweller, which easily restores the white lustre. As the coating fades, you will notice that it begins to turn more yellow, like solid gold jewellery. Reapplication is necessary to avoid the "yellow". 

To increase the longevity of the white metal, avoid over-polishing.

On the other hand, silver requires regular polishing and cleaning to prevent tarnishing. Read more about how to look after your sterling silver jewellery.


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Tips for wearing gold and silver together

Wearers will see a noticeable difference between the two metals, especially if worn on the same hand, stacked or layered.

If you have a classic approach to styling - preferring the classic look and colour range pairings, then you should avoid matching white gold pieces with sterling silver pieces.

However, if you like a more modern styling approach, wear gold and silver together for a contrasting look.

Here are our top tips for mixing metals:

Use a solid bridge piece

A "bridge piece" is a jewellery piece that combines two metals or more. Using a bridge piece allows you to seamlessly tie in any other details of the same metals, either layered, stacked or through clothing elements. Common examples of a bridge piece may include a combination of gold rings, pendants, bracelets or even jewellery with a coloured precious stone.

Learn to Layer

Instead of using a bridge piece, create your own by combining jewellery pieces over the top of each other; for example, stack two metal rings- a yellow gold ring, a white gold ring and a sterling silver ring. The varied colour range will attract the eye.

You can do the same layering bracelets or pendants. Quick hint: wear silver and gold necklace chains of various lengths.

Permanent jewellery is hard to layer

Wedding bands don't count. Any "permanent" jewellery you wear does not need to be considered when planning your outfit and accessories. The same applies to any other metals on your clothing – zippers, buttons, buckles, hinges – you name it. A jacket with silver buttons, for example, can be paired with gold jewellery. If it's not a focal point, feel free to overlook it when planning your overall look and accessories.

Match style, not colour

One of the best tips we give is that it fits your outfit's style when wearing gold and silver jewellery together. Causal wear requires more casually styled jewellery. If you're going a bit more glam, dress it up! In this way, you can make sure that your jewellery fits a certain mood instead of a particular colour.

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Symmetry, Symmetry and more Symmetry

This does not mean you should count the number of pieces you wear, but you should consider balancing elements. Ensure an even ratio of metal blends, lengths and materials across your entire outfit—Accessorise jewellery with gold and silver features on clothing - buttons, zippers, buckles etc.

Trends change, style with confidence

So-called "fashion experts" are constantly changing their minds on the latest trend and styles - it's so hard to keep up. New collections, various types and metals make styling more difficult. Don't listen to all the opinions saying there is one hard and fast rule – the truth? It's up to you!

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Frequently Asked Question

Can you stack gold with silver? Will this cause damage?

People are often afraid to stack different metal jewellery - white gold, yellow gold, silver - due to concerns about scratches caused by friction. The safest ring metal to stack without any worry of damage is platinum. Platinum is the most durable and most robust metal, and it is desired for everyday jewellery like men's wedding bands.

Wearing gold and silver or stacking them can damage your rings due to the metals rubbing. Always ensure that the metals are coated with rhodium plating first to ensure maximum protection.



When should I wear gold jewellery vs sterling silver jewellery?

Gold jewellery is a must for someone with warmer skin and green veins with yellow and golden accents. Cooler skin shades have blue or purple veins with pink or red underlying colours. This skin tone suits silvery jewellery such as white gold, silver and platinum.

But as we have already mentioned, there is no hard and fast rule - if you like gold, wear gold; if you like silver rings, wear silver rings. And if you want to wear gold and silver jewellery together - do it!

Is white gold or sterling silver better for sensitive ears?

Gold is hypoallergenic, so gold earrings with high purity or carats are perfect for sensitive ears. Sensitive ears are usually irritated by the metal alloy present in the metal. So, remember, the more gold, the less metal.

Silver is also hypoallergenic, but sterling silver is mixed with copper, which can cause skin irritation. Nickel allergen suffers may also have issues wearing silver. Sterling silver is also known to contain nickel and zinc, harmful to allergen sufferers.

Ensure that before you purchase the earrings from reputable vendors, the pieces state there is no nickel content.

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