How to buy white gold jewellery online | Definitive Guide

Gold jewellery is timeless, worn for millennia. Still, white gold has surpassed yellow gold in popularity in engagement ring styles, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklace designs. It is no surprise that more white gold vendors are popping up online and on sites like Amazon and eBay. Many buyers worry that buying gold online opens you up to more risk.

So, is it safe to buy white gold jewellery online? Yes. You can safely and easily purchase white gold jewellery online by following best practices and identifying and avoiding red flags. As long as you look and do the right things shopping for gold online, you won't have to worry.

This article outlines best practices for shopping for white gold jewellery online, including red flags, sources, and tips and tricks for your white gold jewellery collection.

1. Understand Gold Purity

Gold price depends on its purity (measured in carats/carats). The purest form of gold is 24k, measured in carat parts, and is 99.9% pure gold. But gold in its purest form is too soft, so jewellers rarely use it- similarly to silver.

White gold is a gold alloy (or combinations of gold with other metals) which strengthens the overall metal, making it more malleable and changing the gold-tone and colour.

The golden rule generally: Gold value is proportionate to its purity – the purer the gold, the higher the value.


That doesn't mean a higher purity level is the best for you.

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white gold jewellery

Consider purpose: What type of jewellery do you want?

Here are some questions you should ask before you add to your white gold jewellery collection, whether it is yellow gold, rose gold or white gold:

  • How often will you wear it? Regularly? Solemnly? Every day wear?
  • What jewellery type do you want?
  • Do you want stone studded jewellery like diamonds, stones or cubic zirconia?
  • Will it regularly be paired with other jewellery pieces?
  • Will the jewellery piece be exposed to high friction?

Low-carat gold pieces ranging around 10 and 14 carats are excellent for everyday wear because the high alloy content makes them more robust and durable. It is also best for pieces more exposed to knocks and friction against hard surfaces -like a white gold bracelet or wedding rings.

14-carat gold is primarily used in sizeable stone-studded jewellery like diamond rings, diamond necklaces and diamond earrings. That said, gold jewellery studded with cubic zirconia suits 14k to 18k.

14 – 18 carats also suit necklaces and earrings, safe from hard surface friction, bumps and knocks.

High-carat pieces range from 18-to 22 carats. They are best for special occasions because they avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

UK white gold cartage & finesse table

The composition of various caratages of gold is shown in the chart below, however, slight variations will exist depending on the market the gold is purchased in:



Gold (Au)

Silver (Ag)

Zinc (Zn)

Palladium (Pd)

Used in…

10K White Gold





  • Wedding rings
  • Bracelet
  • Necklaces for layering

14k White Gold





  • Diamond engagement rings
  • Bracelet
  • Necklaces for layering
  • Earrings
  • Large stone-studded jewellery

18k White Gold




25% (or Pt)

  • Engagement rings
  • Gold bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Necklace
  • Pendant

22k White Gold





  • Special occasion/ custom pieces


2. Know your alloys and colours

Pure 24-carat appears yellow; jewellers mix pure gold with other more vital metals, which influences the gold-tone and yields a different colour. White gold generally has a gold content of no more than 18-carat gold.

White gold is a brighter-silvery version of silver. It is currently more popular than the traditional yellow gold for engagement rings.

White gold is often paired with other silvery-toned pieces such as silver, platinum and palladium pieces. Or, it can be paired as a two-toned contrastingly with yellow or rose alloy gold.

White gold is made of white metals (i.e. silver, palladium, zinc, nickel or manganese) that are stronger than pure gold.

Also, ensure that your white gold is rhodium plated- it ensures that the colour does not fade back to yellow and adds further strength and durability. The ideal rhodium thickness is between .75 and 1-micron thickness, and the piece will need re-plating over time.

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14k white gold encased crystal heart pendant 

Metal alloy compatibility

A common metal mixed in a white gold alloy is nickel. It adds strength to the gold, but it is an issue for nickel allergen sufferers or people with sensitive skin.

Nickel is no longer used widely in modern white gold jewellery design. Still, some jewellers may choose to use it as cheap white metal. Ensure you check the gold descriptions or ask questions about nickel content. People who suffer from nickel allergies should choose gold with a higher gold content - generally, 18 carat purity is recommended.

Other gold colour types

When buying gold jewellery, you are not only limited to yellow gold or white gold. Here are some of the other gold colours you may want to know:

  • Yellow gold – Is the more traditional colour. However, not all yellow gold jewellery is gold. Gold plating is standard in yellow gold jewellery to reinforce the yellow gold appearance
  • Rose gold – Has a pinkish hue. Jewellers achieve the pink blush by adding copper, often 14 carats or 58.5% purity. The highest rose gold carat version is made with 75% gold and 25% copper, known as Crown Gold. For more information, please read our blog on wearing rose gold jewellery.
  • Green gold – Is one of the rarest varieties made by mixing gold with silver, resulting in a bright greenish-yellow hue. It is especially complimentary with green stones like emeralds and peridot. It is produced mainly in labs and is rarely circulated in online gold jewellery markets.

3. Find A Trusted Online Retailer

Finding a reputable online dealer with these few tips:

  • Go to reputable jewellers. Go for jewellers with a solid reputation, either selling online or online stores like Amazon and eBay. Sellers from these sites generally have solid reputations that sell gold products of a high calibre. Some of these stores will place a substantially higher premium on their gold products.
  • For a budget-friendly deal, search for independent dealers with specific product lines. Ensure that these are reputable dealers by checking their credentials and certificates.
  • Buy a jewellery brand with a solid reputation.

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14k white gold Elegant necklace

4. Look for certification & hallmarks

A hallmark is proof of the purity claim of the gold jewellery. Only buy white gold with this mark and ensure it matches the item's description. The hallmark shows either the cartage or the gold purity percentage engraved on the gold jewellery.

Apart from the standard hallmark, you may also find other engravings such as the fineness, year, jeweller's mark and the testing centre's mark.

5. Scrutinise gold jewellery descriptions

There is a lot of jargon in gold jewellery item descriptions, so take the time to understand these terms. For instance, gold-plated jewellery vs gold-filled - are not the same.

Gold plated jewellery has a thin coating of gold that is plated above the base metal. These items are more inexpensive but will tarnish with time, revealing the base metal. For example, Gold-plated Vermeil has sterling silver as the base metal and is suitable for nickel allergen sufferers.

Gold-filled jewellery is filled with gold, having a higher gold content and a smaller percentage of metal alloys to improve longevity and durability.

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14K double heart necklace 

6. Check warranty & return policies

Buying gold online can be risky, so the online company must back their products with a warranty. Some companies extend a warranty on the price of your product.

Companies often also manipulate product photos -colours, sizes and styles. So return policies are essential. Most online jewellers offer returns within a few days or weeks of purchase and money-back guarantees. Online sellers without this option are riskier.

7. Compare for independent advice

It goes without saying - shop around. Get advice from independent dealers. If you are using a deal, check if that piece is also on sale at another outlet. Comparing prices is a sure way to know if your white gold jewellery's purity is linked to price.

14k white gold pearl necklace by Dephini 

8. Scrutinise Customer testimonials

Always read customer testimonials before making a purchase. They provide feedback about the seller, the products and the service provided. This is an excellent way to get reassurance that the product you are buying is of high quality and the customer service experience is up to scratch.

9. Check Delivery terms

Check your shipping terms and conditions, including whether you are liable for any loss or damage during delivery. Priority shipping or next day shipping can also demonstrate a company's commitment to you as the buyer.

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