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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend? A gift should speak to the person receiving it - a reflection of themselves. So consider a meaningful necklace that makes a great gift that your other half will wear time and time again.



Here are 10 beautiful necklaces for your girlfriend, with advice on matching them to your girlfriend's style, just in time to go under the Christmas tree. 






1. For the Romantic


Rose Heart Necklace - 18ct Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Dephini


This design of two intertwined hearts is the perfect symbol of your connection to each other. The symbolism of intertwined hearts is complete unity and never-ending love. A meaning she is sure to treasure and wear close to her own heart.

Whenever your girlfriend is wearing this necklace, she is sure to think of your endless love for one another.

The rose gold setting adds warmth and sentimentalism to the piece. This warmth makes this necklace the perfect choice for any partner with a romantic streak.


2. For the Wanderer


DEPHINI - Blue Heart Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Pendant SW Crystal


This is perfect for a free spirit. If your partner loves to travel, this sterling silver necklace is a meaningful gift she can take with her wherever she goes. The intricate and unique setting of the crystal means that no matter where she is, she can feel like she's wrapped in your arms.

This heart pendant is crafted using a gorgeous blue crystal. Blue is a calming and meditative colour. This pendant will help keep your partner grounded and in touch with her inner peace while exploring the world.


Like all pieces in our jewellery collection, this sterling silver necklace is nickel-free and lead-free. This ensures your remarkable woman can wear this piece throughout her travels without risking skin irritation.

3. For the Dreamer

Rose Elegant Necklace - 18ct Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Dephini

This rose gold design is sure to hold a special meaning in the heart of your partner. Its delicate design paired with the vibrancy of the metal will capture the imagination of any dreamer. It is a very dainty pendant that draws the eye, especially with the Cubic Zirconia crystals.

The swirling and interlaced design are mesmerising. The design makes it easy to get lost in a daydream.


4. For the Minimalist


Double Heart Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery Pendant Dephini


If your partner likes to understate her style, this gorgeous pendant is perfect for her. This sterling silver design is beautiful and rich in meaning. But, this necklace is still subtle enough to avoid overwhelming a minimalistic style.


The small studded cubic zirconia is minimalistic but has a powerful visual impact - emphasising the true power of understated looks. This gives a profound and sophisticated style.

This necklace is also very versatile. Its subtle but powerful appearance allows this necklace to be worn casually to work and formal events.


5. For the Glamour Girl

DEPHINI Gold Necklace 18ct Yellow Gold Heart Pendant CZ Crystals

Glitzy and timeless, this gold and cubic zircon combination is an elegant piece. It can also be bought with matching earrings to truly spoil your special someone.

This necklace will elevate the jewellery collection of any woman. Its eye-catching yet classic design make this necklace a fitting and beautiful addition to any outfit.

Cubic Zirconia is a high-quality crystal that closely resembles diamonds. Being synthetic, they are almost always flawless, ensuring intense clarity and shine, making your girlfriend the star of any event.

6. For the Sentimentalist


Infinity Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver Necklace Hearts CZ Crystals


This piece is ideal for the woman who loves the more profound meaning of everything. This infinity necklace symbolises everlasting love.

It has a distinctive design that will show the extra thought and meaning of choosing her necklace. The infinity symbol with two hearts is undoubtedly a gift with a special meaning she will treasure.

The cubic Zirconia crystals in such an exciting design make this a personalised piece that will appeal to any woman who loves the personal touch.


7. For the Professional

This sterling silver necklace is a beautiful gift that any working woman can wear every day. It is a lovely way for her to display her eternal love while maintaining authority in the workplace.

At its centre lies a genuine white Ocean Pearl. Pearls are a symbol of wisdom, integrity and purity. The perfect aura to display at work.

Some cultures value pearls for their calming ability and positive effect on anxiety and anger control. A trustworthy source of serenity for the fast-paced working woman.


8. For the Fun Lover

Yellow Heart Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Heart Necklace SW Crystal

If you're looking for a gift for an adventurous partner who loves colour, this is a great choice.

A bright yellow Citrine crystal steals the show here. Citrine is often used in Feng shui to draw positivity and prosperity. The necklace colour thus holds special significance: it both shows your devotion to her and acts as a good luck charm.

What could be a more perfect way to show the woman who brightens your life your appreciation than giving her a gift which will brighten hers.


9. For the Fashionista

DEPHINI - Cute Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Heart - Luxury Gift

This necklace has a unique look that is sure to draw attention. The heart shape is more subtle in this design, enabling wide versatility in your partner's dress while wearing it.

This unique design makes a stylish gift for somebody who wants to stand out amongst other women with heart necklaces back in fashion.

This necklace is made with sterling 925 silver and cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is a diamond substitute that reflects more intensely. This ensures your girlfriend's necklace will sparkle and catch everyone's eye.


10. For the One

18k Gold Necklace - Heart Pendant CZ Crystals

If you've found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, this genuine gold necklace makes a beautiful promise forever. Intertwining hearts symbolise eternal unity and loyalty. Truly time immemorial, this heart pendant is the perfect piece to show your passion.

This stunning design is crafted using real gold and stunning Cubic Zirconia crystals. This ensures the necklace will beautifully complement any traditional engagement or wedding ring when the one becomes your wife.


Dephini's Classic Heart-Shaped Design

The classic heart-shaped design that inspires Dephini jewellery conveys modern and contemporary styling. The heart symbol in jewellery is an iconic symbol worldwide: symbolic of love, purity, friendship, solidarity and affection. 


Our necklaces make the perfect gift for any occasion. Valentine's day, Christmas or just as a surprise. They each hold a special meaning your girlfriend is sure to appreciate.

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