Is Heart Jewellery Tacky? The Truth About Hearts

heart shaped jewellery

Let's be real. Every woman has her unique style preferences, and her jewellery style is no exception. Often jewellery choices reflect our personality, and as such, when a jewellery piece does not fit with that style, we will avoid or discard it. Some jewellery types like heart-shaped jewellery divide our opinions, and that many women who are against will find them tacky as a result.

So, is heart jewellery tacky? Honestly, it is a personal opinion. Some women love heart jewellery for its timelessness and direct symbolism, while others simply don't. Nevertheless, the heart symbol is featured in some of the most famous jewellery pieces throughout history and will continue for decades to come.

In this piece, we will look deeper into heart-shaped jewellery – is it tacky or classy? Do girls like heart jewellery? Should you buy heart jewellery for your girlfriend? Do women buy heart jewellery for themselves? And, what does the heart-shaped pendant symbolise?


Do girls like heart jewellery?

rose gold heart shaped necklace

As mentioned, a person’s jewellery choices are highly personal. Some women and men love heart-shaped jewellery for its elegance, simplicity and feminine connotations.

Heart-shaped earrings are especially popular as childhood birthday gifts and are often embellished with the receiver’s birthstone – colourful or white gemstones. The most popular pendants in jewellery stores are heart-shaped pendants in sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold.

However, there are a large number of individuals that consider heart-shaped jewellery corny and outdated. You may have many women express this opinion; they may well be in your circle of friends, on jewellery forums and in media columns alike.

We feel it is important to remember this could be the kind of jewellery that speaks to you, and it might express your personality and the way you think deeply. That is great! Be proud of the way you wear specific jewellery. We are sure you will look gorgeous.

That said, heart-shaped things and jewellery have a lousy reputation, specifically cheaper alternatives that are often considered childish. It’s all about buying a quality piece and the way you choose to style it.

Some professional women wear simple heart-shaped necklaces with white gemstones to accompany a pantsuit or workwear attire. Women will opt for dainty pieces with a relatively small heart shape and high-quality materials in more casual settings.

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Should you stop buying heart jewellery for your girlfriend?

Heart shaped pendant necklace gift

Now here's the thing: if your girlfriend seems a little less than impressed by your heart-shaped anything, it’s not because she thinks it's tacky, it's because you haven't taken the time to look into what she wears, her likes and dislikes.
Remember this rule: jewellery reflects a woman's personality.
Many boyfriends, partners and husbands struggle to find a gift that says 'I love you!' So, on Valentine's Day and birthdays, they go for the gift that says, “I love you. Here’s a heart-shaped necklace to show you.”
Well, they are not wrong, right? Heart-shaped jewellery symbolises love and adoration. However, if this doesn't fit your girlfriend's style, it says, "I am lazy!"
Remember: It is the RIGHT kind of jewellery that makes all the difference. 
If your girlfriend is made for hearts and you’re looking at heart pendants, then quality heart jewellery is everything. Brands like Dephini are the right kind. It's different from all those cliché jewellery lines out there because it serves another purpose. Not only does it show you love them, but it allows you to show them WHY you love them for who they are.
Don't buy birthstone heart jewellery is childish.
Like hearts-shaped jewellery, birthstone jewellery is more appropriate for teens. Most women have accumulated at least several necklaces, rings, bracelets and pairs of earrings containing stones over the years.
She doesn't need another piece of jewellery that reminds her of her birthday. A woman wants a unique only piece that fits her current personality and taste while at the same time is good quality.

Do girls buy themselves heart jewellery?

Of course, girls buy themselves heart jewellery! If a girl or woman wants to buy themselves a heart pendant, they can afford it, and they love it, they should get it!
You must let your style dictate you. Most women who like to wear heart necklaces opt for simplicity and elegance, which is evident in their personality and style.
They often pair them with other dainty pieces, including matching and simple heart studs. If you can afford it and you love it, get it! We hope wearing it brings you joy!

What does a heart necklace symbolise?

Affection & Love

A heart character is also used to express passion and attraction towards someone or something.


The heart symbol most recognisably stands for true love; it makes sense that it is also a symbol of unity.

Hope and Dreams

The longing for eventual affection, belonging and connectedness in both a romantic sense or other.


A heart symbol also holds sacred meaning in Hinduism, Roman Catholicism and cultural rituals.


A heart symbol is undoubtedly a feminine symbol for fertility and womanhood.

Emotion & Morality

Different coloured hearts depict emotions and morality, such as black hearts and white hearts.


The heart symbolism connotes to life with direct reference to the human heart and the pulse that symbolises human life.


The heart symbolically represents connected spiritual and creative entities.


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5 Mistakes Guy Need to Avoid When Buying Heart Shaped Jewellery

buying a wife a silver heart earrings

Too much focus on price

The saying, "You get what you spend," is right when it comes to jewellery. An inexpensive piece of jewellery is usually of low quality either in material and workmanship. Remember that often a high price does not equate to quality.
Before you buy any jewellery, make sure you research the brand and the jewellery store. Also, learning some jewellery rules and guides including, carats, hallmarks, metal types and more, can go a long way in ensuring the quality of your purchase.

Picking the wrong style and size

Jewellery stores provide samples of assistance, but they cannot always help you choose the correct size. Sizing tends to rings, bracelets and necklaces. It is imperative to study the size and the jewellery that your significant other wears.

Purchasing impersonal jewellery

Personalised items like bracelets and necklaces have so much more sentimental meaning and are more valuable and personal. Heart-shaped pendants with engravings are excellent choices for your loved ones. Knowing her favourite colour can also add a personal touch to the gift.

Using a bad retailer

Do a little research before hitting the shops in the community. What stores have an excellent reputation? Make sure you have competent professional workers. And ask her friends what jewellery store she prefers. If this is done, you can be sure to select a great gift.

Selecting mixed metal jewellery

Mixing-metal jewellery is a specific preference. Before making such a purchase consider your significant other's current jewellery collection. Unless there are other mixed metal pieces, it's better to avoid purchasing them.

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