Rose Gold Jewellery: Is it your style?

Rose gold jewellery offers warm undertones to any outfit and highlights the same against the skin. At Dephini, we love rose gold and don't believe that it is a piece that can only be worn by a few. 

So, who suits rose gold jewellery? The short answer is everyone. Anyone can integrate rose gold jewellery into their wardrobe. However, warmer skin tones and complexions are often styled with rose gold jewellery. And, it can also depend on how you integrate it into your wardrobe.

Learn more about how rose gold can be integrated into your jewellery box. 

What is Rose Gold?

DEPHINI Rose Necklace 925 Sterling Silver heart pendant CZ Crystals


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Rose gold is a gold alloy, specifically yellow gold, copper and silver. The characteristic red hue comes from copper, and silver helps to soften this effect.

It is still real gold, and here at Dephini, we use 18 ct gold which means it contains 75% gold. Gold on its own is very soft and bends out of shape, so it needs to be used in alloy form for jewellery. Yellow gold and white gold are also both alloys.

Skin tone

Jewellery generally rests against your skin, so your skin tone is one of the critical considerations for deciding if a piece suits you. Certain skin tones do work different metals more.

Skin tones come in two forms:

  1. the primary skin colour, ranging from lighter to darker skin; 
  2. the skin undertone, which is warm, cool or neutral. 


rose gold heart pendant necklace


For those with warmer undertones, the undertone is more yellow. While cooler skin undertones are when you have a more prominent pink undertone. 

A neutral undertone has no precise colouration.

It is much easier to determine your primary skin colour. Pale skin usually has cooler undertones meanwhile Mediterranean skin often has warmer undertones. Dark skin can be either.

Typically speaking, rose gold suits those with warm skin tones better than those with cool skin tones. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, and if you like a style, it can often be adapted to suit any skin tone. 

Dark skin, in particular, looks good with rose gold regardless of whether your undertone is warm or cool.

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Warm skin tone and dark skin styles

Rose gold really compliments warm skin tones, especially if you have dark or golden tones. It also complements dark skin regardless of skin tone. If you have either of those traits, rose gold jewellery will work with almost any style.

The pink undertones of rose gold make it a very feminine look. It pairs especially with outfits that really flaunt your womanhood. Think dresses, pastel colours and delicate patterns.

You can easily make rose gold the star of your outfit. Wearing neutral colours can genuinely focus on your necklace and give you a very classy look.

If you like wearing warm colours and cosy styles, rose gold is also great. A maroon jumper with a rose gold necklace and jeans gives a classical and homely style. Alternatively, a brown leather jacket also pairs well with rose gold jewellery in autumn and spring.

Rose gold is a very versatile metal. It can add a gorgeous element to a formal dress. Fun sequined dresses gain extra sparkle when paired with a matching rose gold necklace and earring set. Similarly, more black-tie styles such as long solid colour dresses gain character accented by rose gold jewellery.

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Cool skin tone styles

Rose gold can sometimes overpower your complexion for those with cooler skin tones. But, there are still ways to wear rose gold and avoid this problem.

One trick is to wear shirts with a high neckline and wear a longer chain for your rose gold necklace. This means a rose gold necklace will be resting against the fabric rather than your skin. This same effect can be achieved for bracelets by wearing tight-fitting long-sleeved shirts and the bracelet on the outside.

Another approach is to base your style on the season. When you're freshly tanned in the summer, your cool undertones will be slightly muted. This is the perfect opportunity to wear your rose gold jewellery without worry.


Rose Pearl Jewellery Set 18ct Gold Plated 925 Silver Heart Dephini

For a more subtle look with rose gold, consider a range of jewellery. Rose gold bracelets, rings and earrings all add a bit of life to your outfit without having the same intensity as necklaces. This way, you can pull off rose gold but not appear washed out.

Another way cool skin tones can suit rose gold jewellery is by layering up. If you layer a short silver necklace with a mid-length gold necklace and a long rose gold necklace, they all contrast each other. This reduces the risk of the rose gold overpowering your skin tone. It also makes for a more unique and fun element in an outfit.

Regardless of your skin tone, if you wear rose gold jewellery the right way, it will bring natural warmth to your style. It is an excellent addition to any jewellery box. Explore our gorgeous collection of rose gold necklaces and earrings today.


How to determine your skin tone

A lot of people don't immediately know their skin tone. Here are a few techniques you can use to discover yours:

Hair and eye colour

The quickest but least efficient way is to base it on your hair and eye colour. People with a cool skin tone usually have brown, red or blonde hair. They often also have blue or green eyes. 


Meanwhile, warm skin tones often have brown or black hair and brown or hazel eyes.

Personal style

Peeking in your wardrobe can sometimes reveal your skin tone. Suppose you generally find your suit neutral, cool or dark colours and wear silver jewellery. 

In that case, you probably have a cool skin tone. If you find lots of warm colours such as browns or yellows and you find yourself naturally inclined to more gold jewellery, you likely have a warm skin tone.


A similarly quick but slightly more accurate way to tell your skin tone is to see how you react to sunshine. If your skin tans easily without burning, you likely have a warm undertone. However, skin that burns quickly and turns red rather than tanning is a sign of cooler skin tones.

Rose Gold Necklace - 18ct Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Dephini


Rose Gold Necklace - 18ct Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Dephini


Your undertone affects how your veins appear. You can usually see the veins on your wrist quite clearly. Warm skin tones have veins appearing as green. Cool skin undertones result in purple or blue veins. Neutral skin tones often appear as a mixture of the two.

Piece of paper

If you hold a piece of paper up to your face in natural light, it can reveal your skin tone. The paper reflects light onto your skin. Cool skin tones will appear pinkish, while warmer skin tones will appear yellow. If you can't see any colouration, you likely have a neutral skin tone.


Rose Gold Heart Jewellery Collection 

Rose Heart Jewellery Set 18ct Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Dephini


Rose Heart Jewellery Set 18ct Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Dephini


The Rose Gold Dephini collection includes 18ct rose gold plated, 925 sterling silver, and high-quality cubic zircon crystals. Get a luxury look at an affordable price without giving up premium quality. Browse our collection today. 


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