10 Tips For Wearing Rose Gold

rose gold jewellery pendant necklaces

We love the sheer simplicity and versatility of rose gold jewellery and accessories. For years, gold was the colour preference for many women and in fashion.

Over the last several years, rose gold jewellery experienced an incredible rise in popularity in fashion. Current high-end collections are filled with rose gold designs, and it is featured heavily in several jewellery trends.

Rose gold is not pure gold; instead, it is produced by mixing a copper base with natural yellow gold. Like yellow gold, it provides the wearer with a warm tone. The copper is synonymous with industrialism and minimalism, which in turn couples with a classic modern-chic look.

We've created this little Rose Gold Guide from which you can get a few tips and tricks to wear rose gold. We have included some opinions about style and its purpose in outfit accessorising and some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Match with Neutrals & Nudes

Rose gold rings, pendants, bracelets and headpieces look great with a simple outfit or against neutral colours. We love to wear rose gold colours with white, light grey, black and beige.

However, that does mean that brighter personalities and colour choices can’t also benefit from the beauty that is rose gold. Other colours that look stunning paired with rose gold are yellow, aqua, navy, sky blue, mint green, teal and deep rose.

Pair blush stains, beige tones and sandy pinks with gorgeous rose gold jewellery for the best mix.

Also, black and white hues like white cream or navy with rose gold accessories look great too. The quiet shades that are well accessorised create stylish looks.


Pair Rose Gold with Gemstones




Rose gold pairs well with all kinds of gemstones which is why it is an outstanding pendant option. White gemstones look stunning against the metal, making pendant necklaces pop.

Mixing pink gemstones with rose gold looks fabulous. Watch how rose gold engagement rings featuring pink diamonds, pink sapphires or tourmaline gemstones rise across fashion trends in 2021.

Though some differing opinions exist, some rose gold enthusiasts claiming pink stones and rose gold settings create a faded look as the gemstone blends against the blushing metal.

Darker gemstones add a little drama to the rose gold jewellery, while stones with lighter shades appear subdued and understated.

Black gemstones are particularly spectacular in rose gold as the contrast creates a distinctive and striking look.


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Layer your Rose Gold Necklaces

rose gold mixed metals


Pair rose gold jewellery with other rose gold pieces for theme continuity and effect. Rose gold is highly feminine and is continuously paired with minimal or refined styling in fashion.

As part of this minimal styling, layering rose gold creates numerous focal points in the outfit.

Simplicity is important. Rose gold earrings, rings and a bracelet can define a look.

Similarly, a rose gold heart pendant necklace looks darling paired with rose gold stud earrings and an upward hairdo.

For a Hint of Romance

Rose Gold symbolises romance, love and adoration. Its pink tint connotes love hearts, flowers and many other romantic symbols. It also indicates femininity, especially its resemblance to the pink shade.

Rose gold means different things to different people, but rose gold is typically symbolic of love and romance. It makes an excellent jewellery choice for romantic occasions while showing your sophistication and style to your date.

The rose gold pieces are incredibly affordable, and you can pair them as a necklace and stud earrings combo for double the effect. It is, despite its elegance, a great gift for you.


Mixed Metals

mixed metals

The rose jewellery has a soft pinkish hue and is exceptionally easy to mix with many different metals.

You can layer separate rose gold necklaces with silver or white gold for contrast. Jewellery as stacks has also become a hot trend right now. Designed in conjunction with top designers, the jewellery produced in pre-mixed metals aims for the perfect balance of colours and ensures a classy look.

Also, remember that you can mix metals in clothing patterns and textures. A silver or gun-silver dress will look stunning against rose gold.


Colour Psychology

Rose gold is associated with deceit and wealth. In historical times, rose gold has been a staple for luxury artefacts and royalty. Its colour is soft enough for casually matching but bold enough to stand out. Designers and jewellery developers love its low cost and elegance that appeals to high-end markets.

Rose gold was trendy for its romantic symbolism within the Victorian era and extremely popular within the Victorian era. It reflects this same luxury with versatility in styling choices and subtle colour.

It is perfect as an alternative to yellow gold, especially if you wear nude and neutral tones in your day-to-day wear. If you're looking for new things in your jewellery collection, it could be a perfect match.





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Complete your Copper Industrial-look


Copper is a more reddish cheaper counterpart to rose gold jewellery. In contrast to rose gold, the copper turns green over time and can even be green temporarily.

Copper is often synonymous with industrialism and modernity. It has been used in some industrial-themed jewellery items as the primary metal, but it is rarely used in high-end wares.

An industrial look may look like this:

  1. White or black fitted and open-collar shirt or an oversized t-shirt
  2. Black or skinny grey jeans
  3. Brown or black ankle boots with buckles
  4. Rose gold or copper jewellery.

If you want a lower maintenance alloy for your industrial styling, choose rose gold over copper. be aware that rose gold can tarnish, so ensure you also

Style a Casual Look in Rose Gold

rose gold casual look

Do you find casual clothes difficult to accessorise? You might gravitate towards soft or casual clothes or even a comfortable pair of jeans. The fantastic news – Rose Gold is an excellent metal to style a more casual look.  

For an upswing in your casual jewellery, consider things that you can wear with anything. Rose gold jewellery is an excellent choice for everyday wear as it adds a sense of playfulness and subtle sophistication. It is understated while also offering focal points, especially against nude colours and jean material.


Style a Formal Look in Rose Gold

A formal style typically involves opulent designs and gleaming gems. A beautiful rose gold look can be created by pairing rose gold jewellery and watches with an evening gown or tux.

Consider items that incorporate some of these matching matches in an elegant form.


Rose Gold Perfect for Skin Tones

Rose gold, also known as pink gold or red gold, as the name implies, has a red or pink undertone from the mixing of the copper alloy.

It is crucial to understand this metal and how it impacts your styling, especially against your skin tone. The pink metals will either complement or accentuate your colouring.

Here is a list of the skin tones below:

Fair Skin (Red & Pink Undertones)

Stay clear of rose gold. Rose gold's warm metals will accentuate the pink undertone in your skin. Consider white gold and silver as striking alternatives to rose gold jewellery.

Olive. Lightly Tanned or Mediterranean Skin 

Rose gold looks faltering with your skin tone, especially wearing rose gold with white shirts, sweaters or dresses.

Arabic, Fair African & Dark African Skin

 Such versatile skin tones – any metal you wear will look striking. Yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold will look stunning against your skin, but also brighter, bolder colours. Don't be afraid to pair rose gold with nude tones for impact.

South-East Asian Skin 

We love rose gold jewellery on Asian skin tones as it brings out the softness of the skin. It is incredibly stunning in pendants and rings flat against the skin. Yellow gold is also exquisite.


DEPHINI Rose Gold Jewellery Sets


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