Purple Heart Jewellery Set: Style Secrets

Creating designs with the help of symbols and different shapes is quite common as people tend to prefer it over other types of jewelry. Symbolic jewelry is mostly introduced when a specific occasion or a special day is around the corner. For example, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Heart is one of the most commonly used symbols when it comes to designing a piece of jewelry as everyone is extremely fond of this shape. It not only signifies love but it also symbolizes love, purity, affection, friendship and solidarity.

One can easily translate their feelings through a piece of jewelry in which heart has been used in the main part of the design. Dephini Purple heart earrings are extremely beautiful and exclusive as it has been adorned with a purple stone in the middle with very small cubic zircons on the side. The earrings are made up of 925 sterling silver, which is the purest you can get. The earrings are extremely safe to use as they went through a rigorous contact test. People who have a very sensitive skin can easily wear the studs on any occasion they like or prefer.


The studs are classy and magnificent as they can be worn with any type of outfit. One can easily get a matching ring and a necklace made with it. It can be the best gift you can get for your loved one on their birthday or anniversary as the symbol heart is enough to translate your feelings for them. Heart shaped jewelry is quite common when Valentines is around the corner.

Gifting your better half a heart shaped dephini purple necklace, rings and earrings set will be the best option you can ever come across. It is definitely going to be worth your effort and money. As the earrings are rhodium plated, therefore one can feel relaxed as the earrings are less susceptible to any form of harm, damage or corrosion. You can easily wear it after many years and feel as if you are wearing it for the first time.

It is definitely going to attract the attention of many once you enter a gathering where a lot of people are invited. Pair it up with a flowy evening gown as it is definitely going to complement your look. Simple and minimalist designs of jewelry never go out of fashion. They are a trendsetter.