Purple Heart Jewellery Set: Style Secrets


Purple crystal jewellery sets are among the most popular jewellery industry choices due to their rareness amongst naturally occurring gemstones. Several colour variations across stone types include lilac, lavender, mauve, mulberry violet, and wine.

Throughout history, the purple crystal has been a symbol of royalty, power, and strength, translating into today's society. The nobility, elegance and exclusivity behind purple crystal fuels our love for the Dephini's Purple Heart Necklace & Earrings set - we know you will too.

Our love of the purple jewellery set drives us to write this guide on the symbolism, meaning and styling tips.



What does purple jewellery mean?

Purple jewellery has been used even in ancient times, and its rareness is recognised as often reserved for more noble or highly respected individuals. Compared with blue, red and green gemstone varieties, the number of purple crystals is small.

Purple symbolises royalty, power, strength and wealth and is a luxurious colour depicting prestige and class. In jewellery styling, purple jewellery adds sophistication and elegance to any outfit, often drawing the eye.

Jewellery collectors love Purple Crystals which are popular not only for their beauty and elegance but also because of the gemstone’s metaphysical properties. Purple crystal energies can lift people's spirits and moods, often with one touch to your Purple Crystal.

The purple crystal is also known to calm your nerves and ease your mind. It is the crystal of choice during difficult and uncertain times, preventing overthinking or negative thoughts.

Cubic Zircon Crystals Look Like Diamonds

Purple diamonds are scarce and expensive, especially if the stone is deep in colour. There are synthetic or enhanced alternatives that are much more affordable. High-quality purple diamonds are highly prized among diamond enthusiasts or collectors as exclusive jewellery.

However, for the rest of us still wanting some regal sparkle around our necks and ears, there are other options, including purple cubic zircon stones. These stones closely resemble diamonds and are far more affordable.


Purple Diamond Features

Purple Synthetic Crystal Features

  • Extremely rare
  • Very expensive
  • Enhanced and Synthetic varieties available
  • It very closely resembles a diamond
  • Widely available
  • Very affordable

Dephini Purple Heart Necklace & Earrings Set

Dephini Purple heart earrings are stunning with a sense of exclusivity with its adorned purple stone in the middle with subtle cubic zircons surrounding. The earrings are made from 925 sterling silver, the purest available on the market. As the earrings are rhodium plated, they are less susceptible to damage or corrosion.

The studs scream class and elegance, especially when paired with the heart-shaped Dephini purple necklace. One can quickly get a matching ring or bracelet charm to complete the look. Minimalist and straightforward designs of jewellery never go out of fashion. They are a trendsetter.

Purple Earrings and Necklace Style Guide

Purple jewellery sets are going to attract the attention of many at your next event or gathering. Here are some top tricks to help accentuate your purple stones!

Pair with Blue & Purple Tones

  • Purple looks elegant against other purple tones and shades. Your jewellery will pop if wearing lighter shades.
  • For a daytime look, dark coloured skinny jeans look super chic with a black top, black or brown boots and a silver necklace with purple stones - an effortless ensemble.

Silver & Gold

  • Purple looks amazing against both gold and silver outfits. Gold creates that warm, regal look for those Style Queens, while silver highlights the crystal purple undertones.
  • A purple jewellery set is perfect for cooler skin tones with a black or light purple cashmere cardigan with a silver sequin or glittery skirt.

Pair with Neutral Backdrops

  • Use neutrals coloured garments like black, grey and white underneath the necklace.
  • For evening events, pair them with a black evening gown to complement your look.

Go Bold with Contrasts

  • Red outfits are often styled with deep purple jewellery. Want an example? Wear bright red skinny jeans with a back sweater and purple pendant and studs. Finish it off with black leather boots and a bag.
  • A yellow dress also looks gorgeous paired with purple jewellery to create an effortless, feminine springtime or summer ensemble.

Dephini is your one-stop-shop for elegant and straightforward heart-shaped jewellery designs. To discover more, visit our website.