How to choose the right jewellery for a woman: Partner's Guide

So, you have to find a gift for that special someone. It's an important decision for the important person in your life. The person you love best: the wife, the girlfriend, the daughter or grandmother.
When making an informed choice, we recommend paying attention to the following points: selecting the right jewellery - luxury brands - what she wears!

Still not sure? Let's break it down even further. We have devised some questions to help when choosing jewellery for women.

What is inside her jewellery box?

heart pendant

Do some sleuthing in your girlfriend's jewellery box or jewellery collection. Pay attention to patterns and make a note of how she is wearing jewellery.

For example, when choosing a bracelet for a woman, notice if she wears delicate bracelets rather than chunky styles. This gives you valuable insight that helps you when choosing bracelets at the store and is the same for other types of jewellery like a ring or necklace. 

Again, her current jewellery choices are an extension of her personality. Women who wear large or brightly coloured earrings suggest that she is not shy about the style choice. If you notice that she favours these pieces, you can buy bold necklaces accentuated by colours or significant focal points.

Simple diamond stud earphones or thin beaded bracelets indicate they may like a classic simple necklace, such as a heart pendant necklace.

Other questions you might ask yourself while you are snooping through her jewellery collection:

  • What designer jewellery does she wear?
  • Is it all diamonds? In that case, it's going to be an expensive gift!
  • Does she have more cool or warm colours?
  • Does she prefer gold or silver jewellery?
  • Does she prefer rings, bracelets or pendants?

These questions help you look for jewellery online or when you go to buy jewellery in the store. If she has no earrings in her jewellery box, then good chance, it isn't the right jewellery choice for you or she doesn't have pierced ears.  


What is her dressing style?

Knowing a woman's personal style and her wardrobe is a great place to start. What colours does she like to dress in?

For example, cooler tones like blues, purples, blush pink, and silvers suit sterling silver necklaces and silver stud earrings. On the other hand, bright or vibrant colour choices like emerald greens and reds make gold jewellery pop.

Is her wardrobe filled with formal dress wear or neat casual clothes?

If more formal, you will want more elegant or statement jewellery pieces, like long earrings or pendants. More understated, delicate pieces suit simple casual wear and outfits. For example, a delicate pendant necklace suits blue denim jeans, a t-shirt or a sweater with boots.

What is her favourite colour?

Giving gemstone jewellery in her favourite colour is a great idea. Colourful gem jewellery are statement pieces. Buy earrings or rings in her favourite colour stone, but make sure it is her style first. To make it even more personal, you should consider her birthstone.

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Is it jewellery for special occasions?

gold heart jewellery

Different occasions often call for different jewellery types. What are her interests, and do they affect her jewellery choices? If she likes to visit theatres, she will undoubtedly appreciate something that will complete her evening outfit - maybe an elegant pendant or ring.

If you want to buy something for daywear, also consider how her work affects her outfit. Does she wear more corporate outfits for work? In this case, purchase jewellery that is understated and simple.

The most memorable occasion in jewellery gift-giving is the engagement - the jewellery of choice is an engagement ring. This requires an entirely different set of questions - some similar - that can help you make the right choice.

What jewellery works best for her skin tone?

As a guide, women with fair complexion and cooler tones match sterling silver metallic jewellery or white gold.

Girls with darker skin look spectacular in yellow gold.

Rose gold caters to warm skin tones, both tan or fair.

White gold jewellery also looks fabulous against fairer, tan and darker skin tones.

It should be noted that this is only a simple guide. Ultimately tastes and styles are subject to individuals’ tastes. Women wear jewellery that makes them feel beautiful - whether it is gold, silver or a mix.

What does she window shop?

Follow her, and soon you know what jewellery makes her eyes flash. Walk around the jewellery store or shop jewellery online. This can be especially helpful when shopping for rings.

What do her friends say?

You want to know a foolproof plan, enlist the help of her friends or sister. These are the most valuable people to get advice on what she would like.

More often than not, they would be ecstatic to help out a friend. Who knows; they may even help you pick out a beautiful piece.


Other Few Tips and Tricks when buying jewellery:

Buy Quality

Don't skimp! A woman will know when jewellery is of poor quality. Cheap jewellery leaves coloured imprints on a wearers skin and breaks more easily. The last thing you want is her new pendant necklace leaving green or black dots on her neck or back shortly after receiving it.

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Find out what she already has

This might seem ridiculous, but if you want to buy a new necklace for a girl, you don't want to buy one identical to or similar to her collection. A woman will buy exactly what she wants. So there is a chance that she may have picked up the same piece for herself – especially if you have done your research right!

Give her something versatile

Unless it is an engagement ring, then we always recommend keeping your gifts versatile; one of the ways to make a piece versatile is to get something in a classic palette. While colourful pieces are fun, they might only suit a particular outfit.

Don't try to change her style

This is an important one! Never force a jewellery gift on a woman. If you know she hates big rings, bracelets or earrings; you don't force her to keep them.

If your girlfriend hates hoop earrings or delicate necklaces, then avoid them at all costs in your jewellery store. Thinking a particular jewellery piece is sexy or will match an outfit is not a good enough reason to buy it.

Always keep the receipt

Even thoughtful present-buyers don't get things right. Check your jeweller's return policy before paying and be careful with the receipt. Sometimes the better choice is just to let her pick!


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