Gold or Silver Heart Necklace | Which is best?

Wondering whether to buy gold jewellery or silver jewellery based on your skin or eye colouring? Perhaps you are contemplating a gold or silver heart necklace as a thoughtful gift to someone. Have you heard about 'jewellery colour rules' but are not sure how to use them?

Let's help you out. 

So, which is better, a gold or silver heart necklace? It depends. The wearer's skin colouring traditionally determines metal choice: cooler colours meant silver, warmer tones meant gold jewellery. However, the wearer's personal style and preference are also significant, even if it differs from the rule.

Gold vs silver is a long-debated topic that is often convoluted and confusing. So, Dephini is here to help you figure out which metal colours will work for your gift recipient with the quick tips below.

Continue reading to learn more about sterling silver and gold jewellery styling preferences, along with more handy heart necklaces styling tips and info about different types of precious metals.

Gold or silver heart necklaces?

rose gold yellow gold sterling silver heart necklace
  • Traditionally, stylists deliberated between gold jewellery (yellow gold and rose gold) and silver sterling silver jewellery by people's skin colouring: cooler colours meant silver metal and warmer colours meant gold metal.
  • These days skin colour is less critical, and you can break such 'style rules' without fear from the fashion police. Some people still like to use them as a guide to get started with co-ordinating jewellery with their style and preferences.
  • Cool colouring does not refer to paleness and is more subject to the skin's undertones. Wearers with blue veins on the wrists and who burn easily are usually more suited to silver jewellery - sterling silver or white gold.
  • We consider wearers with green veins, olive or darker skin tones or who tan have warm colouring.
  • One important factor is jewellery price - gold is significantly more expensive than sterling silver as it is a more valuable precious metal. However, people can purchase more affordable materials in gold jewellery, such as gold filled or gold plated. Learn more about buying gold jewellery online.
  • Rose gold jewellery or copper tones cater to warm skin tones, both tan or fair and adds beauty to any heart pendant.
  • White gold jewellery is an excellent alternative to a cooler and elegant, especially paired with gemstones.
  • Gemstones can add colour (and sparkle!) to any jewellery collection. White gold and sterling silver pairs effortlessly with diamonds and enhances their sparkle, while the butter or copper tones of yellow and rose gold offer vivid contrast with coloured gemstones. Learn more about coloured stone jewellery trends.
  • If you select jewellery as a gift idea, look at what metals your loved one wears and jewellery types: bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings. Check out our guide to styling heart necklaces.

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant by Dephini 

sterling silver heart necklace

Which is more popular, a gold or silver necklace?

Silver and gold are the most popular metal in necklace design. Silver is favoured for its status and affordability terms. However, popularity is a preference based on the wearer's perception of which metal looks best on them.

Several factors behind silver's increase in popularity include its timeless visual features. Silver is abundant and more affordable than gold or platinum. Sterling silver is easily malleable for charms and pendants often used in more statement piece designs.

Though the price of gold is more significant, it has always stood as a good investment. Gold offers a realm of options (yellow gold, rose gold, and so forth).

However, popularity is irrelevant to the personal style of the individual. The option to wear silver or gold jewellery is about what's right for the occasion, outfit, mood and price.

18ct Rose Gold Heart Pendant Necklace by Dephini

rose gold heart necklace heart pendant

Is silver or gold jewellery more classy?

We can't say this enough: it's about what's suitable for the occasion, outfit, and mood. Wearing a metal like gold to signify money or wealth over the occasion and style is not classy. It is very noticeable and will have the exact opposite of the intended effect.

The trends suggest a penchant for understated, more refined, and more delicate designs in gold jewellery. Gold is the right material for a delicate heart necklace and a restrained stud earring for classiness.


Silver is somewhat bolder than gold. It's youthful, artsy, and chic. Silver jewellery trends vary from chunky cuffs to intricate heart pendant designs and textured war offering a contemporary and youthful aura. Silver or white gold is not limited to youth. It is very flattering to women with silver-grey hair.

Remember, jewellery is about quality, so buy from a reputable brand and ensure that you look after the best pieces in your collection with regular professional cleaning.

14k White Gold Heart Necklace by Dephini 

14k white gold double heart necklace - Zirconia Crystals by DEPHINI

What does a gold heart necklace mean?

A gold heart necklace symbolises love, adoration and connection - both romantic and friendship. It is the most enduring symbol in modern jewellery design but historically stood as a religious and romantic symbol.

The gold heart pendant rose to prominence in the 19th century, especially as a symbol of marriage and bond. Nowadays, most people give gold heart necklaces as a meaningful gift of love and affection.

18ct Yellow Gold Heart Pendant Necklace by Dephini


18k Gold Heart Necklace

Mixing Metals: Gold & Silver

Another old rule, loosely followed, is gold and silver should never be worn together. That's no longer the case: mix your metals with enthusiasm!

Here are some mixing metal tips:

  • Taking the time to experiment with which metals and stones with your style and look: read our guide to styling heart necklaces for tips and tricks. 
  • Use a dominant colour, perhaps the metal you feel most comfortable with, and add and highlight it with a more delicate piece. 
  • Have a statement piece in one colour, complemented by a subtle secondary selection. 
  • Try mixing colours while stacking and layering heart necklaces and bracelets to see how they look.

At Dephini, we believe that everyone has different styles that are beautiful in their way, so wear your jewellery proudly: go with what makes you feel good about yourself.

If you are trying to buy the perfect gift for someone, ensure you take time to do your research into your loved one's style and jewellery wear. 

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